American Jurisprudence (encyclopedia)

American Jurisprudence (Am. Jur., encyclopedia)

American Jurisprudence (Am. Jur.) is one of the most important country -wide United states Legal encyclopedias , similar somewhat to Corpus Juris Secundum , also now published by West. It is a very practice oriented encyclopedia that is less comprehensive that Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) but, as a result, is sometimes easier to use. It is designed to complement the Annotations in American Law Reports (A.L.R). The general index is more detailed than that of Corpus Juris Secundum, but often the researcher will need to search the volume specific index in addition to the general index. Am. Jur. has a table of Statutes and Regulations, and gives more emphasis to non-case law than Corpus Juris Secundum. The print version is updated annually by pocket parts, and a new general index is published annually.

See Corpus Juris Secundum and legal encyclopedies.



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