Rule of Law

Rule of law Definition Rule of law means that any act of the government must be done through laws, that no one is above the law. However this principle has many controversial aspects, the core of it requires that fair laws should apply to all persons in a given jurisdiction. It also means […]

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Employment Law Alliance Region:


Members: 120 Professionals: 3000 When 3,000 of the finest labor and employment lawyers from more than 100 nations form an alliance dedicated to assisting employers, the […]

International Humanitarian Law Treaties

International Humanitarian Law Treaties and Conventions Sources of international humanitarian law The sources are: International Humanitarian Law treaties. International Humanitarian Law is based on a number of treaties, in particular the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional […]


A Thesaurus is an online database or a book of synonyms and near-synonyms in a written language, usually arranged conceptually, although dictionary arrangement is not uncommon. The first thesaurus of the English language, published in 1852, was compiled by Peter Mark Roget. For an online […]

International Law Resources

International Law Resources Research guides Guide to International trade law Sources on the Internet. A helpful overall guide to international agreements, International Organizations , United States government sources, country and regional business guides, and statistics. The site is […]

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CMS Legal Region:


Members: 9 Professionals: 1600 CMS aims to be the best European provider of high-quality legal and tax advice. Each CMS firm is a market leader in its own jurisdiction. Our detailed knowledge of industries, plus extensive […]

Schiller Classification

Schiller Classification The Schiller classification system is a locally-developed system for classifying foreign, comparative, pre-literate, ancient, medieval, and religious law materials. A call number in the Schiller classification system is comprised of an abbreviation to designate a legal system, followed by a number indicating the specific subject area within the system. Topical Divisions in the … Read more

Hicks Classification System

Hicks Classification System The Hicks Classification System is a locally developed classification system used, in some libraries, for early primary source material, such as statutes and reports, in American and British law. The Hicks scheme or system is used, in general, in law libraries (mainly, in the Yale law library, where the scheme was created), … Read more

American Digest System

Case digests for American law, comprised of three different series: the Centennial Digest (cases up to 1896); the Decennial Digest (a number of sets covering either 10 or 5 years of cases, commencing in 1896); and the General Digest (volumes covering the period since the most recent Decennial […]


• Why is duress a problem? We want to know people actually agreed to contract of their own free will. (either under subjective or objective theory). Also violates pareto superior economic model, where at least one of the parties is better off and the other is at least not worse off. […]

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Geneva Group International (GGI)



Europe, Latin America, Asia

Members: 460 Professionals: 3500 Members are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their […]

Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims

Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims Full Title A Dictionary of Law, Consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims and an Exposition of the Principles of Law: Comprising a Dictionary and Compendium of American and English Jurisprudence Details Author: William C. Anderson (United … Read more


Footnotes This article examines the history and nature of footnotes and other annotational devices used in legal and other literature, particularly law reviews. The topic has received considerable attention in United States university law journals, which are heavily drawn on. The article starts by considering the nature of the glossing process and identifying different sorts … Read more

Concise Law Dictionary

Concise Law Dictionary Book Details Compete title: Concise Law Dictionary of Words, Phrases, and Maxims with an Explanatory List of Abbreviations used in Law Books. Copyright: 1881 and 1911. Authors: FREDERIC JESUP STIMSON, PROFESSOR OF COMPARATIVE LEGISLATION IN HARVARD UNIVERSITY (1881): the revised edition is authored by HARVEY CORTLANDT VOORHEES, of THE BOSTON BAR, AUTHOR … Read more

Research Methods

Research Methods for Sociology Sociologists use nearly all the methods of acquiring information that are used in the other social sciences and the humanities, from advanced mathematical statistics to the interpretation of texts. They also rely heavily on primary statistical information […]

Attorney General

Introduction to Attorney General Attorney General, in the United States and the United Kingdom, the chief law officer of the government. The duties of the attorney general are to advise and represent the government in important legal matters and to initiate and supervise legal proceedings […]

Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime

Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime Preface of the Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime “N THE 2000s, white-collar crime has become a topic of almost daily news. The white-collar crime that caused the bankruptcy of Enron Corporation resulted in financial losses exceeding $66 billion to stockholders, and likely helped lead to the recall of … Read more

History of International Law

Ancient History The need for some principles and rules of conduct between independent states arises whenever such states enter into mutual relations. Rules governing the treatment of foreign traders, travelers, and ambassadors, as well as the conclusion and observance of treaties, […]

International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law

International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law (IECL) is a multivolumen (17-volume Encyclopedia), one of the well-known law works, a much-cited reference work, and an ambitious project that brings together works from leading scholars in comparative law. Maybe because its ambition it is somewhat dated. The International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law appears … Read more


E-Book Legal Treatises in E-book Format Legal E-treatises (treatises e-books) can be consulted without incurring incremental charges, they can be shared by multiple researchers, and they can be used with the full spectrum of online legal research services. These include the many smaller services in the U.S. (both free and fee) that have in recent … Read more

Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations

Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations Details Author/Editor: William Meade Fletcher Treatise Area: Corporate Law About the Author WILLIAM MEADE FLETCHER is the Author of “Corporation Forms,” “lUinors Corporations,” “Equity Pleading and Practice,” etc. Volumes Fletcher Cyclopedia Corporations V9a Fletcher Cyclopedia Corporations V9 Fletcher Cyclopedia Corporations V18a Fletcher Cyclopedia Corporations Volume 18 Fletcher Cyclopedia … Read more

Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary The sustained popularity of this Legal dictionary since its appearance (like Bouvier’s Law Dictionary in the XIX Century) it was attributed to the scholarship and Learning of Henry Campbell Black, and to the plan adopted by him for the compilation of a legal lexicon. Now the editor is Bryan Garner, a lexicographer. … Read more


Usability Web Usability and Legal Research In the introduction of his book “DESIGNING WEB USABILITY”, Jakob Nielsen said that “Usability rules the Web. Simply stated, if the customer can’t find a product, then he or she will not buy it.” According with this author (in other books), consistency, scannability, simplicity and visibility, and accessibility are … Read more

A Dictionary of Taxation

A Dictionary of Taxation Dictionary Details Title: A dictionary of taxation. Author: James, Simon, 1952- Edition: 2nd ed. Published: Cheltenham ; Northhampton, Mass. : Edward Elgar, 2012. Number of Pages: 299 Subjects: Taxation — Dictionaries. Taxation. Great Britain. Dictionaries. Notes: Previous edition: 1998. Formerly CIP. Includes bibliographical references. Also issued online. ISBN: 9781849801225 Dewey Number: … Read more

Encyclopedia of Race and Crime

Encyclopedia of Race and Crime Details Authors: Helen Taylor Greene and Shaun L. Gabbidon Editorial: Sage Publications Inc. Volumes: 2 vols. Description This Encyclopedia covers issues in both historical and contemporary context, with information on race and ethnicity and their impact on crime and the administration of justice. The Encyclopedia of Race and Crime explores … Read more

Foreign Laws

Foreign Laws Secondary Sources: The subscription-based Foreign Law Guide: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World by Reynolds and Flores explains the legal bibliographies of most foreign countries, including subject-specific treatises in English [formerly published by F. B. Rothman as a looseleaf under the title Foreign Laws]. The blue pages … Read more

History of Legal Treatises

History of Legal Treatises In the United States While the earliest law treatises predate the systematic dissemination of court opinions, by the early twentieth century this form of legal commentary had become an essential tool for lawyers and judges seeking to organize and understand the growing quantity of published case law. That was a period … Read more

Zimmerman’s Research Guide

Zimmerman’s Research Guide The free online encyclopedia for legal researchers hosted by LexisNexis Legal & Professional’s InfoPro site and created, edited, and updated by Andy Zimmerman-will no longer be available as of Dec. 31, 2015. Zimmerman decided to retire the encyclopedia after more than 15 years. It was first posted on and then moved … Read more

Encyclopedia of Soviet Law

Encyclopedia of Soviet Law Edited by F.J.M. Feldbrugge Leiden: A.W. Sijthoff, 1973. Number of Pages: 774 (2 vols.) to 1012 pages Series: Law in Eastern Europe (Book 28) Publisher: Oceana, and Springer; 1985 edition (April 26, 1985) Language: English ISBN-10: 9024730759 ISBN-13: 978-9024730759 Description Documenation for Eastern Europe Law, University of Leiden. 26 x 18.5 … Read more

List of Top Free Legal Sites in English in 2015

List of Top Free Legal Sites and Law Blogging in English in 2015 List of Top Free Law Sites in English, according to SimilarSites The following are the most visited legal Blog Sites on the Internet, according to SimilarSites (Nov 2015), by countries: List of Top Popular Law Sites in the United States … Read more

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy Table of Contents Chronology of American Foreign Policy, 1607-2001 / Richard Dean Burns and Louise B. Ketz — African Americans / Brenda Gayle Plummer — Alliances, Coalitions, and Ententes / Warren F. Kimball — Ambassadors, Executive Agents, and Special Representatives / Kenneth J. Grieb — Anti-Imperialism / Robert Buzzanco — … Read more


LegalZoom Legal Challanges In the early 1970s, Nolo Press founders Jake Warner and Ed Sherman managed to pierce through some of those pretenses when they published How to Do Your Own Divorce in California, which became a best seller. More than four decades later, a Los Angeles based company,, is taking legal self-help to … Read more

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Academic Legal topics Law in general Comparative and uniform law Jurisprudence Legal Periodicals Bibliography Legal Monographic series Encyclopedias of Law Dictionaries of Law Words and phrases Legal Maxims Legal Quotations Legal Yearbooks Legal Directories Legal Research Legal composition and draftsmanship Legal Education Law societies International bar associations The legal profession Legal aid Legal assistance to … Read more

Legal Encyclopedias

Legal encyclopedias provide (generally) a brief, integrated statement of the law. They pull together an enormous body of legal literature, definitions, rules, and practice points derived mainly from case law. Indexes and cross-references are provided. Sections may be written by experts or by […]

Dictionary of Concepts in History

Dictionary of Concepts in History Details of the Dictionary of Concepts in History (Contributions in Legal Studies) Hardcover: 514 pages Publisher: Greenwood; annotated edition edition (23 Sept. 1986) Language: English ISBN-10: 0313227004 ISBN-13: 978-0313227004 About the Author These are other books authored by the author: Washington’s History: The People, Land, and Events of the Far … Read more

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History Details of the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History Volumes: 6-Volume Set Editor in Chief: Stanley N. Katz Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: 17 April 2009 Pages: 3072 Pages ISBN: 9780195134056 Description of the Encyclopedia The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History covers legal history from ancient to modern … Read more

De Verborum Quae ad Jus Civile Pertinent Significantione

De Verborum Quae ad Jus Civile Pertinent Significantione Details of the Dictionary “De Verborum Quae ad Jus Civile Pertinent Significantione” Publisher: Halle Magdeburg: Impensis Orphanotrophei Year of Publication: 1743 About the Author: Barnabé Brisson (1531-1591) In the words of the Tarlton Law Library (University of Texas School of Law): “Barnabé Brisson was born in Poitou … Read more

Thesaurus Locorum Communium Jurisprudentiae: ex Axiomatibus

Thesaurus Locorum Communium Jurisprudentiae: ex Axiomatibus Details of the Thesaurus Locorum Communium Jurisprudentiae: ex Axiomatibus Publisher: Lipsig: Joh. Friderici Gleditsch Year of Publication: 1691 About the Author: Agostinho Barbosa (1590-1649) In the words of the Tarlton Law Library (University of Texas School of Law): “Agostinho Barbosa was born near Guimarães, Portugal on 17 September 1590, … Read more

Lexicon Juridicum Juris Caesarei Simul, et Canonici

Lexicon Juridicum Juris Caesarei Simul, et Canonici Details of the Dictionary “Lexicon Juridicum Juris Caesarei Simul, et Canonici: feudalis item, civilis, criminalis, theortici, ac practici” Publisher: Genevae: Apud Philippum Albertum Year of Publication: 1622 About the Author: Johannes Calvinus (1550-1614) In the words of the Tarlton Law Library (University of Texas School of Law): “Johann … Read more