International Law Resources

International Law Resources Research guides Guide to International trade law Sources on the Internet. A helpful overall guide to international agreements, International Organizations , United States government sources, country and regional business guides, and statistics. The site is […]


"Advocacy is the art of persuasion" Advocacy may be a promotion of a cause or point of view. It is also a general term related to a legal professional (advocate) who represents a client's interests in the courtroom; this term has no particular standing in English law, but is used in […]

Legal Education

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Education to become a lawyer. Worldwide requisites

The educational prerequisites […]

Legal Encyclopedias

Legal encyclopedias provide (generally) a brief, integrated statement of the law. They pull together an enormous body of legal literature, definitions, rules, and practice points derived mainly from case law. Indexes and cross-references are provided. Sections may be written by experts or by […]

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