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Cited and quoted as authority in courtrooms across the United States, this national legal encyclopedia covers all state and federal Legal topics . General rules of law are summarized in “Black Letter”headings and expanded upon in the text. Also provides the limitations and exceptions to the rules where appropriate. Since the citations and the supporting cases involve both state and federal courts, the user gets a full perspective of the law in a local jurisdiction as well as across the USA.

All cases fully referenced to West Key Number System
Annual pocket parts are published to supplement the volumes with relevant new cases and statutory changes
Cited more than 90,000 times by all levels of courts throughout the United States
Complete citations and relevant histories of each case help you locate the law you need
Multi-volume general index and individual topic indexes take you quickly to your answer

Topics of this Encyclopedia

Abandonment to Accountants
Accounting to Actions
Adjoining Landowners to Adverse Possession
Aeronautics and Aeropace to Agency 469
Agency 470 to Aliens 653
Aliens 654-End
Alteration of Instruments to Annuities
Appeal and Error 1-630
Appeal and Error 631-End
Appearances to Armed Services
Arrest to Assignments
Assistance to Attorney and Client 60
Attorney and Client 61 to End to Audita Querela
Bail to Bailment
Bankruptcy 1-756
Bankruptcy 757-End
Banks and Banking
Beneficial Assoc to Bills and Notes; Ltrs of Credit
Bonds to Bridges
Brokers to Building and Loan Associations 1-131
Building and Loan Associations 132-End to Cancellation of Instruments; Rescission
Cemeteries to Civil Rights 142
Civil Rights 143 to Colleges and Universities
Collision to Commerce
Common Lands to Conspiracy
Constitutional Law 1-538
Constitutional Law 539-870
Constitutional Law 871-1138
Constitutional Law 1329-1721
Constitutional Law 1722-End
Contempt to Contracts 135
Contracts 136 to Contracts 420



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