List of Tax Law e-Journals

List of Taxation Laws e-Journals

List of Journal titles with ISSN:

Accountancy age 0001-4672
Accounting and business research 0001-4788
Accounting forum 0155-9982
AICPA Tax Division Newsletter 0883-3451
Akron tax journal 1044-4130
The American journal of tax policy 0739-7569
Asia-Pacific tax bulletin 1385-3082
The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research 1543-866X
Australia department of the treasury taxation branch taxation statistics 0300-2551
Australian tax forum 0812-695X
Australian tax review 0311-094X
Bar journal 1084-9793
Bench and bar of Minnesota 0276-1505
British tax review 0007-1870
Bruce R. Hopkins’ Nonprofit Counsel 1542-8419
Buffalo law review 0023-9356
Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation 0007-4624
Business council of australia bulletin 0814-4273
Business month 0892-4090
Canadian G S T Monitor 1181-7097
Canadian insurance law reporter 0588-6562
Canadian tax journal 0008-5111
Card industry directory 1051-6778
Certified accountant 0306-2406
CFO Alert 1094-8961
Common market law review 0165-0750
Connecticut bar journal 0010-6070
Connecticut CPA Quarterly 0884-2817
Consolidated returns tax report 1047-8949
Construction Accounting & Taxation 1054-3007
Contemporary accounting research 0823-9150
Controller’s Tax Letter 1529-8353
Corporate business taxation monthly 1528-5294
Corporate EFT report 0272-0299
Corporate legal times 1063-3006
Corporate taxation 0898-798X
Corporate taxation 1534-715X
CPA client tax letter 1066-1867
Denver University law review 0883-9409
DePaul business & Commercial law journal 1542-2763
DePaul business law journal 1049-6122
Directors & Trustees Digest 1068-6460
ERISA Litigation Reporter 1055-5307
Estate tax planning advisor 1537-9493
Executive’s tax & management report 1098-1594
Financial services review 1057-0810
Financial Times world accounting report 0308-4965
Financial Times world tax report 0141-0741
Finanz-archiv 0015-2218
Florida tax review 1066-3487
Fund marketing alert 1529-2363
Global finance journal 1044-0283
Institute of Public Affairs review 1329-8100
Internal revenue bulletin 0020-5761
International tax and public finance 0927-5940
International Tax Digest 0955-498X
International Tax Journal 0097-7314
The International Tax Report 0300-1628
The International trade journal 0885-3908
Intertax 0165-2826
Journal of accountancy 0021-8448
Journal of accounting and public policy 0278-4254
Journal of accounting research 0021-8456
Journal of air law and commerce 0021-8642
Journal of asset management 1470-8272
Journal of corporate finance 0929-1199
The journal of economic inequality 1569-1721
The Journal of equipment lease financing 0740-008X
The Journal of Futures Markets 0270-7314
Journal of International Taxation 1049-6378
The Journal of multistate taxation 1054-8394
Journal of multistate taxation and incentives 1533-3124
The Journal of New York taxation 1052-1496
Journal of partnership taxation 0749-4513
Journal of Pension Benefits 1069-4064
Journal of property tax management 1521-5962
Journal of property valuation and taxation 1538-2338
Journal of real estate taxation 0093-5107
Journal of S corporation taxation 1045-1471
Journal of State Taxation 0744-6713
Journal of tax practice management 1541-9169
Journal of Taxation 0022-4863
The Journal of taxation of exempt organizations 1043-0539
The Journal of Taxation of S Corporations 1040-502X
The journal of the American taxation Association 0198-9073
Kiplinger’s retirement planning guide 1529-4293
Kiplinger tax letter 0023-1762
The M&A tax report 1085-3693
Maryland journal of international law and trade 0884-9331
The modern law review 0026-7961
NAFTA: law and business review of the Americas 1381-4605
National tax journal 0028-0283
New York real estate law reporter 0894-4903
New York University annual survey of American law 0066-4413
The Nonprofit counsel 0742-3497
Ohio CPA Journal 0749-8284
Ottawa letter 0702-8210
Payroll practitioner’s state tax alert 1529-2290
PFI report 1364-7768
The Practical Tax Lawyer 0890-4898
Practical Tax Strategies 1523-6250
Property tax journal 0731-0285
Real Estate Economics 1080-8620
Real estate taxation 1538-3792
Research in law and economics 0193-5895
Revenue law journal 1034-7747
Review of Economic Design 1434-4742
Source OECD taxing wages statistics 1608-1102
SourceOECD. Taxation 1608-0300
Soziale Sicherheit 1420-2670
Standard federal tax reports. Taxes on parade 0162-3486
State Tax Review 0162-1750
Tax Court Reports 0162-1815
Tax Executive 0040-0025
Tax Foundation’s tax features 0883-1335
Tax law review
The Tax Lawyer 0040-005X
Tax Management compensation planning journal 0747-8607
Tax Management Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal 0886-3547

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