List of Investment Law e-Journals

List of Investment Law e-Journals

401(k) advisor 1080-2142
Accounting and business research 0001-4788
Accounting forum 0155-9982
The American Bankruptcy Institute law review 1068-0861
The American bankruptcy law journal 0027-9048
Asper review of international business and Trade law 1496-9572
Australian Business Law Review 0310-1053
The Banking law journal 0005-5506
Banking law review 0898-7998
Bankruptcy developments journal 0890-7862
Brookings-Wharton papers on financial services 1098-3651
China law and practice 1012-6724
Commercial Mortgage Alert 1520-3697
DePaul business law journal 1049-6122
Elder’s advisor 1523-8504
Estate planning 0094-1794
Estates gazette 0014-1240
European financial management 1354-7798
European journal of finance 1351-847X
Fordham journal of corporate & financial law 1532-303X
Information 0250-3891
Insurance accounting 1525-4720
International financial law review 0262-6969
International review of financial analysis 1057-5219
Investment Adviser 1361-1593
Investor relations business 1092-1354
Investor’s digest 1057-6711
Journal of accounting and public policy 0278-4254
Journal of accounting research 0021-8456
Journal of asset management 1470-8272
Journal of corporate real estate 1463-001X
The Journal of Futures Markets 0270-7314
The Journal of Investment Compliance 1528-5812
Journal of multistate taxation and incentives 1533-3124
Journal of Pensions Management 1462-222X
Journal of Property Finance 0958-868X
Journal of property valuation & investment 0960-2712
Journal of Structured Finance 1551-9783
Kiplinger’s mutual funds 1081-8901
Kiplinger’s retirement planning guide 1529-4293
Law and Business Review of the Americas 1571-9537
Mortgage banker 0027-1241
New York real estate law reporter 0894-4903
Pension benefits 1063-2476
Pension management 1078-9766
Pension plan administrator 1076-030X
Pensions : An International Journal 1478-5315
Pensions management 0269-7505
Personal investor 0268-0599
The Practical real estate lawyer 8756-0372
The Public land law review 0732-0264
Real estate forum 0034-0707
Real property, probate and trust journal 0034-0855
Review of Finance 1572-3097
The Review of securities & commodities regulation 0884-2426
Savings institutions 0746-1321
Securities Traders’ Monthly 0738-4351
Shareowner 0836-0960
Shares 1327-5798
Trust & Financial Advisor 1081-9843

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