List of Intelectual Property e-Journals

List of Intelectual Property e-Journals

List of e-Journals and their ISSN:

Akron law review: Strict Scrutiny
Albany law journal of science & technology 1059-4280
Amtsblatt des Europaischen Patentamts 0170-9291
Arizona journal of international and comparative law 0743-6963
Art + law 1324-7271
Art & the law 0743-5266
Buffalo intellectual property law journal 1539-9036
Cardozo arts & entertainment law journal 0736-7694
The Columbia journal of law & the arts 1544-4848
Columbia-VLA journal of law & the arts 0888-4226
Comm/Ent 0193-8398
Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks annual report 0162-9735
Comparative technology transfer and society 1542-0132
The computer & Internet lawyer 1531-4944
Computer shopper 0886-0556
Copyright bulletin 0010-8634
Copyright law symposium 0069-9950
The copyright & new media law newsletter 1206-8586
Digital Technology Law Journal 1442-3197
Electronic Commerce Research 1389-5753
Entertainment law 1473-0987
Entertainment law journal 0273-4249
Entertainment law reporter 0270-3831
Estates Europe 0967-1862
Ethics and information technology 1388-1957
European copyright and design reports 1467-6656
European intellectual property review 0142-0461
European national patent reports 1465-6558
European patent bulletin 0170-9305
European Trade Mark Reports 1363-4542
Expert opinion on therapeutic Patents 1354-3776
Flavour and fragrance journal 0882-5734
Food and drug law journal 1064-590X
Fordham entertainment, media & intellectual property law forum 1056-4128
Fordham intellectual property, media & entertainment law journal 1079-9699
Gaming law review 1092-1885
Harvard international review 0739-1854
Harvard journal of law & technology 0897-3393
Hastings communications and entertainment law journal, Comm/Ent 1061-6578
Health law review 1188-8725
Idea 0019-1272
IEEE Security & Privacy 1540-7993
IIC 0018-9855
Industrial property 0019-8625
Industrial property and copyright 1020-2196
Industrial property. Statistics 0377-0044
Information systems management 1058-0530
Information technology and disabilities 1073-5127
Intellectual property decisions 0141-7584
Intellectual property forum 0815-2098
Intellectual Property Journal 0824-7064
Intellectual property quarterly 1364-906X
Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal 1534-3618
International journal of intellectual property-law, economy and management 1349-4759
International journal of law and information technology 0967-0769
International review of law computers & technology 1360-0869
Internet reference services quarterly 1087-5301
The John Marshall journal of computer & information law 1078-4128
Journal of access services 1536-7967
Journal of art & entertainment law 1061-0553
Journal of brand management 1350-231X
Journal of information, law and technology 1361-4169
Journal of intellectual property 1559-9493
Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 1747-1532
Journal of Interlibrary Loan,Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve 1072-303X
Journal of Internet law 1094-2904
Journal of law and technology 0887-0160
Journal of Property Management 0022-3905
Journal of property tax management 1521-5962
Journal of property valuation and taxation 1538-2338
Journal of Retail & Leisure Property 1479-1110
The journal of southern academic and special librarianship 1525-321X
The Journal of technology transfer 0892-9912
Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society 0882-9098
Journal of the Patent Office Society 0096-3577
The journal of world intellectual property 1422-2213
The Licensing journal 1040-4023
Loyola entertainment law journal 0740-9370
Loyola of Los Angeles entertainment law review 1536-5751
Managing intellectual property 0960-5002
Manual of patent examining procedure 0364-2453
Marquette intellectual property law review 1092-5899
Minnesota journal of law, science & technology 1552-9533
Music & Copyright 0968-0322
Nature reviews drug discovery 1474-1776
Northwestern journal of technology and intellectual property 1549-8271
Official gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks 0360-5132
Plant genetic resources 1479-2621
La propriété industrielle et le droit d’auteur 1020-220X
Publishing research quarterly 1053-8801
Queensland University of Technology law journal 1032-6693
Reports of patent, design and trade mark cases 0080-1364
Rutgers computer & technology law journal 0735-8938
Santa Clara computer and high-technology law journal 0882-3383
The Serials Librarian 0361-526X
Stanford technology law review 1098-4267
The Tax Lawyer 0040-005X
Technology, law and insurance 1359-9372
Temple environmental law & technology journal 0885-2987
Texas intellectual property law journal 1068-1000

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