The Legal History of Liberia This section provides an overview of Liberia Resources See Also Legal System Country Jurisdiction Immigration Consulate Resources See Also Legal Biography Legal Traditions Historical Laws History of Law Further Reading Liberia in the Oxford International […]


Hierarchical Display of Littoral Environment > Natural environment > Physical environment > Aquatic environment > Marine environment
Environment > Natural environment > Physical environment > Economic region > Coastal region
Environment > Natural environment > Physical environment > […]


Interlibrary Loan in Law Libraries The follow definition of Interlibrary Loan is of use in law library research: Some Law School faculty may obtain materials not owned by the Law School through this free service. The Reference Librarian will assist in this procedure. Resources See Also […]

Limited Circulation

Hierarchical Display of Limited circulation Education And Communications > Information and information processing > Information policy > Access to information
Education And Communications > Documentation > Documentation > Dissemination of information > Selective dissemination of information […]


Law and Literature Contents of Law and Literature Contents of this subject matter include: Introduction to the Course, Course Policies and Assessment Methodologies in Law and the Humanities Case Study 1: Family Violence Case Study 2: Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Case Study 3: USA, Race and […]

Liberalisation of the Market

Hierarchical Display of Liberalisation of the market Trade > Trade policy > Trade policy
Economics > Economic policy > Economic policy > Deregulation
Transport > Air and space transport > Air transport > Airline > Low cost airline
Trade > International trade > International trade > […]

Livestock Farming

Hierarchical Display of Livestock farming Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural activity
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Means of agricultural production > Livestock
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Cultivation of agricultural land > Land use > […]


Hierarchical Display of Limousin Geography > Regions of EU Member States
Concept of Limousin See the dictionary definition of Limousin. Characteristics of Limousin [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Limousin Spanish: Lemosín French: Limousin German: Limousin Italian: Limosino […]

Linguistic Group

Hierarchical Display of Linguistic group Social Questions > Social framework > Sociocultural group
Law > Rights and freedoms > Anti-discriminatory measure > Linguistic discrimination
Science > Humanities > Social sciences > Linguistics > Language policy Linguistic group Concept of […]

Living Will

Hierarchical Display of Living will Social Questions > Health > Health policy > Organisation of health care > Medical law > Patient’s rights
Social Questions > Health > Health policy > Rights of the individual > Freedom of self-determination > Euthanasia Living will Concept of Living will […]

Literary and Artistic Property

Hierarchical Display of Literary and artistic property Social Questions > Culture and religion > Cultural policy
Social Questions > Culture and religion > Arts > Literature
Production, Technology And Research > Research and intellectual property > Intellectual property
Production, […]


Countries or entities currently subject to sanctions by the United States: Libya Libya in 2011 United States views on international law (based on the document "Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law"): On March 26, 2011, State Department Legal Adviser Harold Hongju Koh […]


Certain Property (Liechtenstein v. Germany) (preliminary Objections) Embracing mainstream international law, this section on certain property (liechtenstein v. germany) (preliminary objections) explores the context, history and effect of the area of the law covered here. Liechtenstein and the […]

Liberal Profession

Resources See Also Further Reading Information related to liberal profession in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law(MPEPIL), Germany, United Kingdom


Introduction to Liability Liability, obligation, responsibility, or debt." (1) Concept of Liability Note: explore also the meaning of this legal term in the American Ecyclopedia of Law. Resources See Also Judiciary Resources See Also Legal System Judiciary Justice Resources Notes and […]

Linguistic Discrimination

Hierarchical Display of Linguistic discrimination Law > Rights and freedoms > Anti-discriminatory measure
Social Questions > Social framework > Sociocultural group > Linguistic group Linguistic discrimination Concept of Linguistic discrimination See the dictionary definition of Linguistic […]


The Liberals While the adjetive of the term means "Marked by generosity", a used definition of liberal regards the person who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways. Earl Killian thinks that a liberal is the person […]

Lighting Equipment

Hierarchical Display of Lighting equipment Industry > Electronics and electrical engineering > Electrical engineering
Industry > Building and public works > Building services > Lighting Lighting equipment Concept of Lighting equipment See the dictionary definition of Lighting equipment. […]