List of Law Publishers in the World

List of Law Publishers in the World

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Domination of the legal information market

Over the last decades, more in some countries (United States, United Kingom, Spain) than others, many of the smaller, independent legal publishers have been acquiring by major legal and non-legal publishing conglomerates.

The largest publishers of legal information, specially in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, are Reed Elsevier (LexisNexis, Matthew Bender, and Martindale Hubbell), Thomson Reuters (West, RIA, and Sweet and Maxwell), Wolters Kluwer (Commerce Clearing House or CCH, Aspen, and Loislaw) and Bloomberg (Bureau of National Affairs or BNA).

Reed Elsevier became owner of Lexis in 1994 and achieved a collection of treatises through the acquisitions of the Michie Company.

According to Peter W. Martin:

“Wolters Kluwer, too, assembled a large set of law titles through a series of publisher acquisitions in the 1990s – CCH in 1996, Little, Brown’s medical and legal division in 1997, and Wiley Law Publications division in 1998. The company’s purchase of LoisLaw in 200227 brought the resulting treatise catalog together with an online legal research service. Because of LoisLaw’s limited market share, Wolters Kluwer has also licensed treatise content to Westlaw.

BNA survived as an independent publisher of legal commentary until 2012 when Bloomberg Law, a relatively new player the online legal information market, purchased the company from its employee owners. The same year Bloomberg licensed exclusive online distribution rights to the Practising Law Institute treatise titles (“PLI Treatises & Course Handbooks: No Longer Available through Law School License w/ Westlaw”, Brooklaw Library Weblog).”

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