The Legal History of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe in 2011

United States views on international law (based on the document “Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law”): On December 9, 2011, OFAC designated two entities pursuant to E.O. 13469, “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbawe.” 76 Fed. Reg. 78,335 (Dec. 16, 2011); see this world legal encyclopedia in relation with the year 2008 at 800-03. The notice in the Federal Register identified the two entities as being owned by the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, an entity previously designated pursuant to E.O. 13469.


In relation to the international law practice and Zimbabwe in this world legal Encyclopedia, please see the following section:

Sanctions, Export Controls, International Restrictions

About this subject:

Imposition, Implementation, and Modification of Sanctions and Certain Other Restrictions

Under this topic, in the Encyclopedia, find out information on Threats to Democratic Processes. Note: there is detailed information and resources, in relation with these topics during the year 2011, covered by the entry, in this law Encyclopedia, about Zimbabwe


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