Trade Policy Review Mechanism

Trade Policy Review Mechanism

Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TPRM) and the GATT Policy Negotiations

In relation to the GATT Policy Negotiations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following explanation and/or definition of Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TPRM): A process of examination in the GATT Council to provide information on and discuss the trade policy regimes of individual Contracting Parties. Established during the Uruguay Round on a provisional basis, the goal of the TPRM process is to induce compliance with GATT rules rather than to punish wrongdoers. Thineen country reviews were conducted under the TPRM during 1992. The TPRM is expected to be placed on a permanent basis following conclusion of the Uruguay Round and the pace of examinations increased so that all GATT members’ trade regimes can be reviewed at least every six years, with larger countries’ regimes reviewed at more frequent intervals.

Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TRPM)

This section provides an overview of trade policy review mechanism (trpm) within the legal context of Forms of Enforcement in international economic law, with coverage of Adjudication and Enforcement (Principles).


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