International Trade

International Political Economy Trends: International Trade Introduction to International Trade In the 21st century, international trade has grown to 20 percent of the world's total production of goods and services-around $6.5 trillion per year. This volume of trade is almost seven times […]

International Trade Law

Outline Following an introductory overview of the principles and structure of international trade law, this entry concentrates on the substantive obligations in the agreements that form part of the World Trade Organization Agreement, including tariff and customs?related matters, […]

Export Control

Export Control and the Laws of International Trade Export control reform initiative Export Administration System Commerce control list Export Control in Merger and Acquisitions Dual use items End-use-based controls Reexports Software and technology Regulatory requirements for all […]

International Trade Organization

International Trade Organization (ITO) in relation with International Trade In the context of trade organizations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following definition of International Trade Organization (ITO): (Not to be confused with Multilateral Trade "Organization, Sec. I). An […]


Spanish Translation of title and security and certificate This is the legal translation of English to Spanish in relation to title or security or certificate and / or a definition of this topic: Título (in Spanish, without translation of the dictionary entry). In the United States For […]

Export Control Laws

Export Control Laws and the Laws of International Trade Worldwide export control laws Export Control in Merger and Acquisitions Countries covered Extraterritorial application Entity-based sanctions Other export statutes Due diligence under other export statutes […]

International Trade Logistics

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International Trade Commission

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Export Administration Regulations

Export Administration Regulations and the Laws of International Trade The Export Administration Regulations Export Control Compliance and Administration National security-related controls Foreign policy controls Short supply controls Jurisdiction Foreign boycotts under […]

Records Retention Requirements

Records Retention Requirements and the Laws of International Trade Records to be retained Importer Record Keeping Requirements The retention period Record-keeping requirements Customs' voluntary compliance program Miscellaneous statutory and regulatory provisions […]