MPEPIL: Immunities

MPEPIL: Immunities


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1. Arrest Warrant Case (Democratic Republic of the Congo v Belgium), Goldmann, Matthias
2. Chilean Copper, Nationalization, Review by Courts of Third States, Lowenfeld, Andreas F
3. Clerget v Banque commerciale pour l’Europe du Nord Case, Herdegen, Matthias
4. European Convention on State Immunity (1972), O’Keefe, Roger
5. Haile Selassie v Cable & Wireless Ltd Case, Rensmann, Thilo
6. Heads of Governments and Other Senior Officials, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
7. Heads of State, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
8. Immunities, Special Missions, Kalb, Nadia
9. Immunity, Diplomatic, van Alebeek, Rosanne
10. International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Aizenstatd, Alexander
11. International Organizations or Institutions, Immunities before National Courts, Wickremasinghe, Chanaka
12. International Organizations or Institutions, Privileges and Immunities, Müldner, Mirka
13. Pinochet Cases, Gattini, Andrea
14. Société Levant Express Transport v Chemins de fer du gouvernement iranien Case, Couzigou, Irène
15. State Immunity, Stoll, Peter-Tobias
16. Trendtex Trading Corporation v Central Bank of Nigeria Case, Ziegler, Katja S
17. United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property (2004), Hafner, Gerhard
18. United States Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (1976), Steinhardt, Ralph G



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