International Aviation law

International Aviation law

See also: International Aviation Law, Convention for the Unification of International Transportation by Air, Treaty,


Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Transportation by Air

Which are the main US cases relating to International Aviation law?

1. United States v. Yousef
2. Fujitsu v. Federal Express
3. Ehrlich v. American Airlines
4. Avero Belgium Insurance v. American Airlines
5. Auster v. Ghana Airways
6. Rodriguez v. Ansett Australia Ltd.
7. Blansett v. Continental Airlines
8. Terrafranca v. Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.
9. Magan v. Lufthansa German Airlines
10. Langadinos v. American Airlines, Inc.
11. Olympic Airways v. Hussain
12. El Al Israel Airlines v. Tsui Yuan Tseng
13. Eastern Airlines v. Floyd



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