Comparison of Library of Congress and Dewey classifications

Library of Congress vs. Dewey classifications about Law

This is a comparison chart showing how the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Classification schemes work in Law.

340 K Law
KB Religious law in general. Comparative Religious law . Jurisprudence
KD Law of the United Kingdom, Ireland, America. North America
340.971 KE Law of Canada
340.973 KF Law of United States
KG Law of Latin America – Mexico and Central America -West Indies. Caribbean area
KH Law of South America
340.94 KJ-KK Law of Europe
340.95-340.969 KL-KW Law of Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
353 JK1-9593 U.S. federal government
353 JK2403-9593 U.S. state governments
364 HV6001-7220 Criminology
365 HV8301-9920 Penal & related institutions
368 K1960-1973 (Social) Insurance

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