Religious Law

Religious law

The religious laws of many Asian and African countries pose a special
problem (for creating a reference on international comparative law) , primarily because of their inaccessibility even to specialists in comparative law (in the 70s).

The Legal History of Religious Law

This general section provides an overview of Religious Law in its historical context. See also about Religion legal history in this legal Encyclopedia here.

Religion and Law

See the main entry of this legal history topic.

Religion and Law in Ancient Greece

See the main entry of this legal history topic.

United States Law

See the main entry of this legal history topic.

An Overview of Roman Religious Law

See the main entry of this legal history topic.

The Influence of the Adoption of Christianity on Roman Religious Law

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Religious law Table of Contents

  • Religious law in general.
  • Comparative religious law.
  • Jurisprudence and religious law
  • Bibliography and religious law
  • Periodicals and religious law
  • Annuals. Annuaires and religious law
  • Monographic series and religious law
  • Collections. Compilations abaut religious law
  • Encyclopedias and Religious law
  • Law Dictionaries . Terms and phrases about religious law
  • Biography (Collective) about religious law
  • Legal Research . Legal Bibliography about religious law
  • Treatises and religious law
  • Legal systems compared and religious law
  • Theory, philosophy, and science of religious law
  • Ritual law. Religious observances and rituals
  • Religious Law reform and policies. Criticism
  • Private law and religious law
  • Private International Law . Conflict of laws and religious law
  • Civil law and religious law
  • Family law and religious law
  • Guardianship. Guardian and ward in religious law
  • Inheritance, succession and religious law
  • Gifts. Charitable gifts. Donations and religious law
  • Property. Res in commercio and religious law
  • Obligations. Contracts and transactions in religious law
  • Labor laws and legislation in religious law
  • Social laws and legislation in religious law
  • Welfare. Charities and religious law
  • Courts and procedure in religious law
  • Public law. The State and religious law
  • Constitutions and religion. Constitutional andadministrative law
  • Civil service. Employees of state, communal agencies,and religious corporations
  • Economic law and religious law
  • Government measures in time of war, national emergency and religious law



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  • History of Law

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Religious Law in Constitutional Law

From the Comparative Constitutions Project: Law that originates in a religious tradition, which may be of divine origin.


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