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The Barbary Treaties

Between 1786 and 1836 the United States made nine Treaties with the Barbary States, as they were then called: Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli.

The original treaties with Tripoli of 1805, Algiers of 1815, and Tunis of 1824, are missing; copies of the two latter in English and a copy of the first in English and Arabic and bearing the signature of Tobias Lear, are in the respective files. It is of record that the Dey of Algiers possessed a Turkish translation of the treaty with Algiers of 1815.

The first diplomatic mention of the Barbary Powers is found in Article 8 of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce with France in 1778.

The Traties

  • Treaty with Morocco June 28 and July 15, 1786
  • Treaty with Algeria September 5, 1795
  • Treaty with Tripoli November 4, 1796 and at Algiers January 3, 1797
  • Treaty with Tunis August 28, 1797
  • Treaty with Tripoli June 4 1805
  • Treaty with Algieria June 30 And July 3, 1815
  • Treaty with Algieria December 22 and 23, 1816
  • Treaty with Tunis February 24, 1824
  • Treaty with Morocco September 16, 1836

United States Statutes

An Act Making an Appropriation for Defraying the Expenses Which May Arise in Carrying Into Effect the Treaty Made Between the United States and the Dey and Regency of Algiers.

An Act Authorizing the President of the United States to Apply a Further Sum to the Expense of Negotiations with the Dey and Regency at Algiers.

An Act for the Protection of the Commerce and Seamen of the United States, Against the Tripolitan Cruisers.

An Act Fixing the Compensation of Public Ministers, and of Consuls Residing on the Coast of Barbary, and for Other Purposes : May 1, 1810

An Act Making Compensation to John Eugene Leitensdorfer for Services Rendered the United States in the War with Tripoli : February 13, 1811.

Congressional Resolutions

RESOLUTIONS, Expressing the Sense of Congress on the Gallant conduct of Lieut. Sterret, the Officers and Crew of the United States Schooner Enterprize.

RESOLUTION Expressive of the Sense of Congress of the Gallant Conduct of Captain Stephen Decatur, the Officers and Crew of the United States Ketch Intrepid, in Attacking in the Harbor of Tripoli, and Destroying, a Tripolitan Frigate of Forty-four Guns.

Resolutions Expressive of the Sense of Congress of the Gallant Conduct of Commodore Edward Preble, the Officers, Seamen and Marines of His Squadron.

Resolution Concerning the Danish Consul at Tripoli : April 10, 1806

References and Further Reading

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