Basic Price

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Basic price Concept of Basic price See the dictionary definition of Basic price. Characteristics of Basic price [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Basic price Spanish: Precio básico French: Prix de base German: […]

Bank For International Settlements

Bank For International Settlements Summary of Bank For International Settlements An international bank owned and controlled by the central banks of twenty-four European and five non-European central banks. The BIS was formed at the Hague Conference of 1930 in response to pressures for the […]

Basic Needs

Summary of Basic Needs

A code word for official development ASSISTANCE (read this legal term for further details) programs aimed toward the improvement of health care, education, nutrition, and like fundamental services in poorer nations. The basic needs concept has been criticized by some […]


The Legal History of Bankruptcy This section provides an overview of Bankruptcy Bankruptcy-Remote (SPE) in Financial Law Concept of Bankruptcy-Remote (SPE) in this field: An SPE satisfying certain legal criteria, whose assets have been isolated from and are outside of the reach of the […]

Baltic States

Baltic States and Europe There is an entry on baltic states in the European legal encyclopedia. Resources See Also Legal System Country Jurisdiction Immigration Consulate Resources See Also Further Reading Entry "Baltic States" in the work "A Concise Encyclopedia of the […]

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Employment Law Alliance Region:


Members: 120 Professionals: 3000 When 3,000 of the finest labor and employment lawyers from more than 100 nations form an alliance dedicated to assisting employers, the […]

Banking Supervision

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Finance > Free movement of capital > Financial market > Financial supervision
European Union > EU institutions and European civil service > EU office or agency > European Banking […]

Balance-sheet Analysis

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Business And Competition > Accounting > Management accounting > Auditing
Economics > Economic analysis > Economic analysis
Business And Competition > Accounting > Management […]

Balance of Payments Assistance

Hierarchical Display of Balance of payments assistance European Union > EU finance > EU financing > EU financial instrument > Support mechanism
Finance > Monetary relations > Balance of payments Balance of payments assistance Concept of Balance of payments assistance See the dictionary […]


A shallow draft, walled-in marine conveyance used to haul cargo, usually in bulk. A barge may be self-propelled, although it is more commonly pulled or pushed by a tug or other vessel. Barges are used principally on inland waterways, although some oceangoing vessels are specially equipped to carry b…


Summary of Barter

A direct exchange of products without cash. In some cases, a third party is brought into the transaction to dispose of some or all of the goods in a third country; this practice is known as switch trading. See Countertrade.

(Main Author: William J. Miller)

Barter […]


Banking Definition Banking may be defined as transactions carried on by any individual or firm engaged in providing financial services to consumers, businesses, or government enterprises. In the broadest sense, a bank is a financial intermediary that performs one or more of the following […]

Bad Weather

Hierarchical Display of Bad weather Environment > Deterioration of the environment > Degradation of the environment > Natural disaster
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Farming systems > Agricultural performance > Agricultural productivity > Crop losses Bad weather Concept of Bad […]

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet Of the two traditional types of financial statements, the balance sheet relates to an entity’s position, and the income statement relates to its activity. The balance sheet provides information about an organization’s assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity as of a […]

Balance of Payments

Balance Of Payments Summary of Balance Of Payments

The sum owed to or by a nation as the result of its international transactions during a given time period, usually one year. The balance of payments is calculated by subtracting the nation's total payments to foreigners from total […]