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Search, in law, looking for that which is otherwise concealed from view on one’s person, property, or vehicle for the purpose of obtaining evidence relating to criminal activity.” (1)


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Search Interface in Legal Information Retrieval

The following is a basic concept of Search Interface in relation to information retrieval. In addition to this, Search Interface may be applied to legal texts, including case law, legislation and scholarly works. The most important aspect for all Information Retrieval databases is the way in which their content and access options are presented to the user. Database presentation has earned the relatively new name search interface. We use it in the broadest sense, not only for electronic interfaces for electronic searches, but also for browsing in both electronic and print media. All Information Retrieval databases, regardless of medium, must present their content and their access options to users, so all have search interfaces.

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Law > Justice > Judicial proceedings > Criminal procedure


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See the dictionary definition of Search.

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Law > Justice > Judicial proceedings > Criminal procedure > Search

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