MPEPIL: Statehood, jurisdiction of states, organs of states

MPEPIL: Statehood, jurisdiction of states, organs of states


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Statehood, jurisdiction of states, organs of states:

1. Accretion, Anand, Ram P
2. Andorra, Viñas Farré, Ramón
3. Annexation, Hofmann, Rainer
4. Archipelagic Waters, Jiménez Piernas, Carlos
5. Autonomy, Suksi, Markku
6. Banco de Bilbao v Sancha and Rey Case, Herdegen, Matthias
7. Certain Criminal Proceedings in France Case (Congo v France), Sauer, Heiko
8. Cession, Dürr, Oliver
9. Civilized Nations, Sloan, James
10. Clerget v Banque commerciale pour l’Europe du Nord Case, Herdegen, Matthias
11. Collisions at Sea, Shearer, Ivan
12. Commonwealth, Subjects and Nationality Rules, Fransman, Laurie
13. Condominium and Coimperium, Morrison, Fred L
14. Confederations of States, Morrison, Fred L
15. Contiguous Zone, Caminos, Hugo
16. Continental Shelf , Stoll, Peter-Tobias
17. Continuity of States, Zimmermann, Andreas
18. Continuous Nationality, Dugard, John
19. Criminal Jurisdiction of States under International Law, Bantekas, Ilias
20. De Facto Organs of a State, Palchetti, Paolo
21. De Facto Regime, Frowein, Jochen A
22. Diplomatic Protection, Dugard, John
23. Dismemberment of States, Tancredi, Antonello
24. Divided States, Suksi, Markku
25. Domaine Réservé, Ziegler, Katja S
26. Enclaves, Irmscher, Tobias H
27. European Convention on State Immunity (1972), O’Keefe, Roger
28. Extraterritoriality, Kamminga, Menno T
29. Failing States, Thürer, Daniel
30. Federal States, Rudolf, Walter
31. Fisheries, High Seas , Freestone, David
32. Flag of Ships, Künig, Doris
33. Germany, Occupation after World War II, Kempen, Bernhard
34. Governmental Activities on Foreign Territory, Orakhelashvili, Alexander
35. Governments, Magiera, Siegfried
36. Governments in Exile, Tiroch, Katrin
37. Heads of Governments and Other Senior Officials, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
38. Heads of State, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
39. Heleanna Incident, Oeter, Stefan
40. Immunities, Special Missions, Kalb, Nadia
41. Immunity, Diplomatic, van Alebeek, Rosanne
42. International Courts and Tribunals, Multiple Jurisdiction, Reinisch, August
43. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Complementarity and Jurisdiction, Bergsmo, Morten and Webb, Philippa
44. International Criminal Jurisdiction, Protective Principle, Cameron, Iain
45. International Law and Domestic (Municipal) Law, Dupuy, Pierre-Marie
46. Islands, Dipla, Haritini
47. Islands, New, Dipla, Haritini
48. Jurisdiction of States, Oxman, Bernard H
49. Lac Lanoux Arbitration, Epiney, Astrid
50. Legal Advisers, Wood, Michael
51. Lotus, The, von Bogdandy, Armin and Rau, Markus
52. Maritime Jurisdiction, Nelson, Dolliver
53. Micro States, Grant, Thomas D
54. Multiple Nationality, Spiro, Peter J
55. Nagorny-Karabakh, Melnyk, Andriy Y
56. Nationality, Dürr, Oliver
57. Nations, von Bogdandy, Armin and Hau?ler, Stefan
58. New States and International Law, Anand, Ram P
59. Non-Recognition, Frowein, Jochen A
60. Option of Nationality, Ronen, Yaà«l
61. Ottoman Debt Arbitration, Holm-Hadulla, Moritz
62. Overseas Territories, Australia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Novak, Gregor
63. Pinochet Cases, Gattini, Andrea
64. Piracy , Shearer, Ivan
65. Port State Jurisdiction, Molenaar, Erik Jaap
66. Protectorates and Protected States, Trilsch, Mirja
67. Referendum, Beigbeder, Yves
68. Representatives of States in International Relations, Salmon, Jean
69. Responsibility of States for Private Actors, Kees, Alexander
70. Secession, Thürer, Daniel and Burri, Thomas
71. Self-Determination, Thürer, Daniel and Burri, Thomas
72. Sovereignty, Besson, Samantha
73. State, Crawford, James R
74. State Immunity, Stoll, Peter-Tobias
75. State Responsibility, Crawford, James R
76. State Succession in Other Matters than Treaties , Zimmermann, Andreas
77. State Succession in Treaties , Zimmermann, Andreas
78. States, Extinction of, Ziemele, Ineta
79. States, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Carbone, Sergio M and Schiano di Pepe, Lorenzo
80. States, Sovereign Equality, Kokott, Juliane
81. Subjects of International Law, Walter, Christian
82. Territorial Change, Effects of, Hernández, Gleider I
83. Territorial Sea, Wolf, Sarah
84. Territory, Abandonment, Kohen, Marcelo G
85. Territory, Acquisition, Kohen, Marcelo G and Hébié, Mamadou
86. Territory, Discovery, Kohen, Marcelo G and Hébié, Mamadou
87. Territory, Lease, Ronen, Yaà«l
88. Treaty Making Power, Peters, Anne
89. United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property (2004), Hafner, Gerhard
90. Uti possidetis Doctrine, Nesi, Giuseppe
91. Wimbledon, The, Feinaugle, Clemens
92. Yugoslavia, Cases and Proceedings before the ICJ, Thienel, Tobias and Zimmermann, Andreas



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