MPEPIL: International criminal law

MPEPIL: International Criminal Law


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International Criminal Law :

1. Achille Lauro Affair (1985), Ragni, Chiara
2. Akayesu Case, Mà¸se, Erik
3. Amnesties, Seibert-Fohr, Anja
4. Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Case (Bosnia and Herzegovina v Serbia and Montenegro), Schabas, William A
5. Arrest Warrant Case (Democratic Republic of the Congo v Belgium), Goldmann, Matthias
6. Aut dedere aut iudicare, Scharf, Michael P
7. Blaški? Case, Boas, Gideon
8. Cavallo Case, Méndez, Juan E and Bariffi, Francisco J
9. Certain Criminal Proceedings in France Case (Congo v France), Sauer, Heiko
10. Command Responsibility, Dinstein, Yoram
11. Crimes against Humanity, Acquaviva, Guido and Pocar, Fausto
12. Criminal Jurisdiction of States under International Law, Bantekas, Ilias
13. Death Penalty, Scheinin, Martin
14. Delali? Case, Kees, Alexander
15. Disappearances, Grossman, Claudio M
16. Eichmann Case, Villalpando, Santiago M
17. Ethnic Cleansing, GeiàŸ, Robin
18. Euthanasia, Focarelli, Carlo
19. Gacaca Courts, Hankel, Gerd
20. Gali? Case, Heilmann, Daniel
21. Gender-Based Crimes, Chinkin, Christine
22. Genocide, Schabas, William A
23. Hijacking, Kojima, Chie
24. Hostages, Füracker, Matthias
25. Individual Criminal Responsibility, O’Shea, Andreas
26. International Courts and Tribunals, Procedure, Sorel, Jean-Marc
27. International Criminal Court (ICC), Kaul, Hans-Peter
28. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Complementarity and Jurisdiction, Bergsmo, Morten and Webb, Philippa
29. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Defences, Dinstein, Yoram
30. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Procedure, Schomburg, Wolfgang and Nemitz, Jan Christoph
31. International Criminal Jurisdiction, Protective Principle, Cameron, Iain
32. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda , Pocar, Fausto
33. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Pocar, Fausto
34. International Military Tribunals, Fuchs, Johannes and Lattanzi, Flavia
35. Iraqi Special Tribunal, Newton, Michael A
36. Krsti? Case, Bigi, Giulia
37. Lockerbie Cases (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v United Kingdom and United States of America), Paulus, Andreas L and Dienelt, Anne
38. Military I (Bagosora and Others) Case, Švarc, Dominika
39. Military Tribunals, Gibson, Michael
40. Miloševi? Trial, Boas, Gideon
41. Mixed Criminal Tribunals, Romano, Cesare PR
42. Nahimana and Others Case, Tredici, Ignacio
43. Ne bis in idem, Gei?, Robin
44. Nulla poena nullum crimen sine lege, Kre?, Claus
45. Pillage, Carducci, Guido
46. Pinochet Cases, Gattini, Andrea
47. Propaganda for War, Prohibition, Kearney, Michael G
48. Scilingo Case, Méndez, Juan E and Bariffi, Francisco J
49. Tadi? Case, Lamb, Susan
50. Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Situations, Seibert-Fohr, Anja
51. Transnational Organized Crime, Fijnaut, Cyrille and Paoli, Letizia
52. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, O’Shea, Andreas
53. Truth, Right to, International Protection, Méndez, Juan E and Bariffi, Francisco J
54. Victims’ Rights, van Boven, Theo



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