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Judge (court officer)

Introduction to Judge

Judge (court officer), government official who administers the law in a court of justice by supervising trials, instructing juries, and pronouncing judgments and sentences. ” (1)



This entry provides an overview of the legal framework of judge, with a description of the most significant features of judge at international level.

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References (Papers)

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Notes and References

Guide to Judge

Citation Notes

Where it is important that a judge made a declaration or gave a separate or dissenting opinion, this should be made clear in the text.

Hierarchical Display of Judge

Law > Organisation of the legal system > Legal profession
Law > Justice > Judicial proceedings > Challenge


Concept of Judge

See the dictionary definition of Judge.

Characteristics of Judge

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Translation of Judge

Thesaurus of Judge

Law > Organisation of the legal system > Legal profession > Judge
Law > Justice > Judicial proceedings > Challenge > Judge

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