Diplomatic and Consular Relations

Diplomatic and Consular Relations

See Viena Convention on Consular Relations

Main US Decisions:

1. Munaf v. Geren
2. Iraq v. Beaty
3. Doe v. Exxon
4. Osagiede v. USA
5. Park v. Shin
6. Medellin v. Texas
7. Mora v. New York
8. Gandara v. Bennett
9. Zavala v. State of Indiana
10. Commonwealth v. Jerez
11. United States v. Cordoba-Mosquera
12. United States v. Minjares-Alvarez
13. United States v. Chanthadara
14. United States v. Lombera-Camorlinga
15. Park v. Shin
16. Risk v. Halvorsen
17. United States v. Chaparro-Alcantara
18. Jogi v. Voges
19. United States v. Page
20. United States v. Emuegbunam
21. United States v. Jimenez-Nava
22. Murphy v. Netherland
23. United States v. de la Pava
24. United States v. Li
25. Torres v. Mullin
26. Medellin v. Dretke
27. Bustillo v. Johnson
28. United States v. Duarte-Acero



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