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Treaty Tools and Databases

  • <a href=" Treaties /2007/index.htm”target=”_blank/”> Treaties In Force (US Department of State)A publication which lists bi-lateral and multi-later treaties and other international agreements of the United States on record in the Department of State as being in force.
  • US Treaty Compliance Database (IATP)A web-based resource for staying up to date with treaty actions of the United States and its participation in more than 40 prominent multilateral treaty systems.
  • INCADAT: International Child Abduction [Legal] Database (HCCH)A comprehensive database of leading decisions rendered by national courts in respect of The Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction for judges, legal practitioners, researchers, government authorities, and others.
  • International commercial arbitration Database (Kluwer)A fully-searchable database with materials in the field of International commercial arbitration such as multilateral conventions, Bilateral Investment Treaties , legislation, rules, case law, and commentary.
  • The Fletcher Multilaterals ProjectA web-based collection of texts of international agreements and treaties in the fields of human rights, commerce and trade, Laws of war and arms control, the environment, and other areas.
  • ENTRI-Environmental Treaties and Resource IndicatorsA comprehensive online resource for accessing multilateral environmental treaty data. Users are able to find status data for environmental treaties, treaty text and other related information easily.
  • Treaty Reference Guide (UN-OLA)A web resource which provides a basic – but not an exhaustive – overview of the key terms employed in the United Nations Treaty Collection to refer to international instruments binding at international law: treaties, agreements, conventions, charters, protocols, declarations, memoranda of understanding, modus vivendi and exchange of notes.


International Tribunals and Courts

  • Project on International Courts and Tribunals (PICT)A centralized source of basic information and in-depth research about international and regional courts for judges, lawyers, and others around the world interested in facilitating the work of international justice and dispute resolution.
  • Crimes of War Magazine: The TribunalsAn electronic bi-monthly magazine which provides on the ground coverage and in-depth analysis of specific crises zones, important legal and political issues that they raise, and role of international tribunals in responding to atrocities and human rights abuses that take place during armed conflicts.


International Law Resources

  • Restatement of the Law Third, Foreign Relations Law of the United States (ALI)The Restatement of laws is divided into nine main parts: I. International Law and Its Relation to United States Law; II. Persons in International Law; III. International Agreements; IV. Jurisdiction and Judgments; V. The Law of the Sea; VI. The Law of the Environment; VII. Protection of Persons (Natural and Juridical); VIII. Selected Law of International Economic Relations; IX. Remedies for Violations of International Law.
  • United States Practice in International LawThis survey of the relationship between international law and the US legal system draws upon the statements and actions of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the US government. Topics include Diplomatic and Consular Relations , jurisdiction and immunities, state responsibility and liability, International Organizations , international economic law and human rights.

International Judicial Monitor (ASIL/IJA)

  • An online international law resource for judges, justice sector professionals, and the Rule of law community of practice around the world.

Domestic (US) Courts, Comparative Legal Systems, and International Law and Practice

  • International Law in Domestic Courts (OUP)An online law reporting service focusing on the salience of international law issues before domestic courts in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, United States, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.
  • Global Legal Information Network Law (Library of Congress)The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) is a public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and International Organizations . These GLIN members contribute the full texts of their published documents to the database in their original languages. Each document is accompanied by a summary in English and, in many cases in additional languages, plus subject terms selected from the multilingual index to GLIN.



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