Agreements country resources

Agreements country Resources

Argentina List, by country , of bilateral agreements.

Australian Treaties Library

Bolivia List of bilateral and multilateral agreements (click on Archivo > Instrumentos).

Canada Treaty Information Searchable list of bilateral and multilateral Treaties .

Canada Trade Agreements and Negotiations

Canado-American Treaties Full text and searchable.

China Full text of selected bilateral and multilateral treaties.

Colombia Full-text, arranged by uniform title.

Costa Rica Bilateral; full text.

Croatia Bilateral agreements listed by country.

Ecuador Multilateral and bilateral agreements listed by region: Choose “Politica Exterior”and follow menu

France: Base Pacte French database of Bilateral treaties and some multilateral. Searchable database with status information.

GermanyFull text of selected instruments arranged chronologically.

Honduras Treaties searchable by subject.

Hong Kong: List of Multilateral International Agreements That Are In Force And Are Applicable To The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Iceland EFTA Free trade agreements, some full text.

Italy arranged by broad subject and country; some full text.

Lithuania Access treaties by choosing “treaty” as a document type. Searches full text by keyword.

Malaysia Maintains a page for Multilateral Agreements to which it is a party and a page (under construction) for Bilateral Agreements. Choose from the menu on the left.

Mexico: Treaties

Netherlands Choose “Tractatenblad”and search by keyword or citation.

Norway Environmental agreements.

Paraguay List of bilateral agreements without text.

South African Cyber Treaty Series

Switzerland Full-text, organized by subject category.

Turkey: Selected full-text bilateral and multilateral treaties.

United Kingdom: Treaties Contains text and status information for treaties for which UK acts as a depository. List of others.



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