MPEPIL: History of international law

MPEPIL: History of International Law


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History of International Law :

1. American Civil War, Malanczuk, Peter
2. Asama Maru Incident (1940), Venzke, Ingo
3. Atlantic Charter (1941), Bennouna, Mohamed
4. Austrian State Treaty (1955), Hafner, Gerhard
5. Bandung Conference (1955), Bennouna, Mohamed
6. Berlin (1945-91), Frowein, Jochen A
7. Berlin Congress (1878), Bogaert, Sina Van den
8. Berlin West Africa Conference (1884-85), Anghie, Antony
9. Bonn and Paris Agreements on Germany (1952 and 1954), Schorkopf, Frank
10. Boundary Settlements of Germany after World War II, Khan, Daniel-Erasmus
11. Brest-Litovsk, Peace of (1918), Boniece, Sally A
12. Bretton Woods Conference (1944), Lowenfeld, Andreas F
13. Brussels Declaration (1874), Gücke, Katja
14. Calvo Doctrine/Calvo Clause, Juillard, Patrick
15. Civilized Nations, Sloan, James
16. Cold War (1947-91), Afsah, Ebrahim
17. Colonialism, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
18. Compensation for Personal Damages Suffered during World War II, Hofmann, Rainer
19. Crimean War (1853-56), Schieder, Theodor
20. Cuban Missile Crisis, Munton, Don and Rennie, Elizabeth
21. Curzon Line, de Zayas, Alfred and Fleck, Dieter
22. Czechoslovakia, Dissolution of, Hofmann, Mahulena
23. Danzig, Free City of, Hattenhauer, Christian
24. Dawes Plan (1924) and Young Plan (1930), Fleck, Dieter
25. Doctrines (Monroe, Hallstein, Brezhnev, Stimson), Grant, Thomas D
26. Drago-Porter Convention (1907), Benedek, Wolfgang
27. Dumbarton Oaks Conference (1944), Fassbender, Bardo
28. Entente Cordiale, Stoelken-Fitschen, Ilona
29. European Union, Historical Evolution, Mayer, Franz C and Stanik, Imke
30. Fourteen Points of Wilson (1918), Schwietzke, Joachim
31. Frankfurt Peace Treaty (1871), Schieder, Theodor
32. Gran Chaco Conflict (1928-35), Marotta Rangel, Vicente
33. Hague Academy of International Law, Feinaugle, Clemens
34. Hague Peace Conferences (1899 and 1907), Baker, Betsy
35. Havana Charter (1948), Sacerdoti, Giorgio
36. History of International Law, 1648 to 1815, Verosta, Stephan
37. History of International Law, 1815 to World War I, Scupin, Hans-Ulrich
38. History of International Law, Ancient Times to 1648, Preiser, Wolfgang
39. History of International Law, Basic Questions and Principles, Preiser, Wolfgang
40. History of International Law, since World War II, Koskenniemi, Martti
41. History of International Law, World War I to World War II, Koskenniemi, Martti
42. Holy Alliance (1815), Zacharias, Diana
43. Holy Roman Empire, Zacharias, Diana
44. International Congress of Women (1915), Baetens, Freya
45. International Law, Regional Developments: Africa, A Mensah, Thomas
46. International Law, Regional Developments: East Asia, Hamamoto, Shotaro
47. International Law, Regional Developments: Islam, Fadel, Mohammad
48. International Law, Regional Developments: Latin America, Marotta Rangel, Vicente
49. International Law, Regional Developments: South and South-East Asia, Desierto, Diane A
50. International Organizations or Institutions, History of, Kolb, Robert
51. Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928), Lesaffer, Randall
52. Korean War (1950-53), Constantin, Dana
53. Lausanne Peace Treaty (1923), Zimmermann, Dominik
54. Law of the Sea, History of, Kirchner, Andree
55. League of Nations , Tams, Christian J
56. Locarno Treaties (1925), Lindley-French, Julian
57. London Naval Conference (1908-1909), Fleck, Dieter
58. Mandates, Gordon, Ruth
59. Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program), de Zayas, Alfred
60. Minority Protection System between World War I and World War II, Meijknecht, Anna
61. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939), Zimmermann, Dominik
62. Munich Agreement (1938), Schorkopf, Frank
63. National Socialism and International Law, Vagts, Detlev
64. Neuilly Peace Treaty (1919), Stürchler, Nikolas
65. Non-Proliferation Treaty (1968), Grotto, Andrew J
66. Nyon Agreement (1937), Kunig, Philip and van Aggelen, Johannes
67. Paris Peace Treaty (1856), Schieder, Theodor
68. Paris, Declaration of (1856), Haule, Romuald R
69. Peace Settlements after World War II, Arndt, Felix
70. Peace Treaties , Kleffner, Jann K
71. Peace Treaties (1947), von Puttkamer, Ellinor
72. Peace Treaties after World War I, Lesaffer, Randall and Linden, Mieke van der
73. Peace Treaties with Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, Interpretation of (Advisory Opinions), Jakab, András
74. Peace Treaty with Japan (1951), Hayashi, Mika
75. Pledge of State Territory and Property, Irmscher, Tobias H
76. Potsdam Conference (1945), Frowein, Jochen A
77. Prize Law, Kraska, James
78. Rapallo Treaty (1922), Stoelken-Fitschen, Ilona
79. Refugees , League of Nations Offices, Kugelmann, Dieter
80. Reparations after World War II, d’Argent, Pierre
81. Saavedra Lamas Treaty (1933), Caminos, Hugo
82. Slavery, Weissbrodt, David
83. Spanish Civil War (1936-39), de Zayas, Alfred
84. St Germain Peace Treaty (1919), Pichon, Jakob
85. Taft Arbitration Treaties (1911), Noyes, John E
86. Tehran Conference (1943), Arndt, Felix
87. Trianon Peace Treaty (1920), Jakab, András
88. United Nations Charter, History of, Cot, Jean-Pierre
89. Versailles Peace Treaty (1919), Schorkopf, Frank
90. Vienna Congress (1815), Fitschen, Thomas
91. Warsaw Treaty Organization, Sonnevend, Pál
92. Western European Union (WEU), Macalister-Smith, Peter and Gebhard, Julia
93. Westphalia, Peace of (1648), Fassbender, Bardo
94. Westphalian System, Grote, Rainer
95. Yalta Conference (1945), Couzigou, Irène
96. Zollverein (German Customs Union), Schorkopf, Frank



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