Kosher Certificate

Kosher Certificate

Kosher Certificate in International Trade

Meaning of Kosher Certificate, according to the Dictionary of International Trade (Global Negotiator): The Kosher certificate is a document issued by certification agencies and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, in which a Rabbi certifies that the products referred (usually food products) fulfill the biblical precepts of the Jewish religion. This certificate is not only required for Israel but also for other countries in which there are Jewish communities calling for kosher products, such as the USA, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Argentina or Mexico. Kosher certificates are requested especially for food: meat (slaughter of animals and salting process), fish, milk and eggs, canned and preserved foods. They also include feed additives (preservatives and dyes) and fiber of animal origin. Products that are kosher certified are often marked with a kosher symbol, or simply the letter K (as the letter M is used to identify Halal products for Muslim population). See also Halal certificate. Model of Kosher Certificate.






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