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Information Technology Sector

Integrating Sustainability and Csr in the Value Chain of the Information Technology Sector, the Law and other Social Sciences

In today's economy information technology (IT) companies must increasingly compete for resources and customers, and consumer interests and resource scarcity are changing the way these companies do business. To stay competitive, IT companies must look beyond their own operations and consider opportunities to introduce sustainability and social responsible issues into their business strategies in order to increase resource efficiency across the entire value chain: not only at the front-end the design and manufacturing of products and packaging but also in the systematic recovery of valuable materials. By collaborating closely with value chain partners and other key stakeholders, IT companies can discover optimal solutions and drive impactful action. In this paper, the authors delve into how IT companies can promote sustainability and social responsible issues into their value chain while presenting a set of tools that these firms can use to act in a sustainable manner and obtain competitive advantages.[1]


Notes and References

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