Non-personal Tax

Hierarchical Display of Non-personal tax Finance > Taxation > Tax
Non-personal tax Concept of Non-personal tax See the dictionary definition of Non-personal tax. Characteristics of Non-personal tax [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Non-personal tax Spanish: Impuesto real […]

Noise Protection

Hierarchical Display of Noise protection Environment > Environmental policy > Pollution control measures
Environment > Deterioration of the environment > Pollution > Noise pollution
Environment > Deterioration of the environment > Nuisance > Noise
Employment And Working Conditions > […]

Non-tariff Barrier

Hierarchical Display of Non-tariff barrier Trade > International trade > Trade restriction
Economics > Economic policy > Economic support > State aid
Trade > Trade policy > Public contract
European Union > European Union law > EU legal system > EU law – national law > Mutual […]

Noise Level

Hierarchical Display of Noise level Environment > Deterioration of the environment > Nuisance > Noise
Environment > Environmental policy > Pollution control measures > Pollution control > Degree of pollution Noise level Concept of Noise level See the dictionary definition of Noise level. […]

Non-proliferation of Arms

Hierarchical Display of Non-proliferation of arms International Relations > International security > International security
European Union > European construction > European Union > Common foreign and security policy
International Relations > Defence > Arms policy > Arms trade
Trade > […]

Non-ferrous Ore

Hierarchical Display of Non-ferrous ore Energy > Coal and mining industries > Mining product > Metallic ore
Industry > Iron, steel and other metal industries > Metals > Non-ferrous metal Non-ferrous ore Concept of Non-ferrous ore See the dictionary definition of Non-ferrous ore. […]


Hierarchical Display of Non-violence Politics > Politics and public safety > Trends of opinion
Social Questions > Social affairs > Social problem > Violence
International Relations > Defence > Armed forces > National service > Conscientious objection Concept of Non-violence See the […]

Non-profit Organisation

Hierarchical Display of Non-profit organisation Business And Competition > Legal form of organisations > Organisation
Social Questions > Social affairs > Social life > Collective activities > Voluntary organisation
Economics > Economic structure > Economy > Social economy Non-profit […]

Non-polluting Vehicle

Hierarchical Display of Non-polluting vehicle Energy > Oil industry > Petrochemicals > Pollution control measures
Environment > Deterioration of the environment > Nuisance > Pollutant > Atmospheric pollutant > Combustion gases
Energy > Oil industry > Petrochemicals > Petroleum product > […]


The Lovedata Foundation and the University of Oslo post Norwegian Laws in English, including Norwegian statues, regulations, cases and other legal materials. The Norwegian government has an English-language web site at For a discussion of the […]

Non-secular State

Hierarchical Display of Non-secular State Politics > Political framework > State
Concept of Non-secular State See the dictionary definition of Non-secular State. Characteristics of Non-secular State [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Non-secular State Spanish: Estado […]

Non-marketing Premium

Hierarchical Display of Non-marketing premium Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural structures and production > Regulation of agricultural production
Non-marketing premium Concept of Non-marketing premium See the dictionary definition of Non-marketing premium. Characteristics […]

North-West Atlantic Fisheries Organisation

Hierarchical Display of North-West Atlantic Fisheries Organisation International Organisations > World organisations > World organisation
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Fisheries > Fishing industry
Environment > Natural environment > Geophysical environment > Ocean > Atlantic […]

Non-durable Goods

Hierarchical Display of Non-durable goods Trade > Consumption > Goods and services
Trade > Consumption > Consumption > Wastage Non-durable goods Concept of Non-durable goods See the dictionary definition of Non-durable goods. Characteristics of Non-durable goods [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] […]

Nordic Council

Definition of Nordic Council Within the context of international organizations, the following is a brief meaning of nordic council: The Nordic Council is a geo-political, inter-parliamentary forum for co-operation between the Nordic countries-which consists of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway […]

North Korea

In the United States For information about North Korea in the context of international trade, click here Democratic People's Republic of Korea ("DPRK" or "North Korea") in 2011 United States views on international law (based on the document "Digest of U.S. Practice […]