Embracing mainstream international law, this section on gas explores the context, history and effect of the area of the law covered here. Introduction This entry provides an overview of the legal framework of gas, with a description of the most significant features of gas at international […]


European Coal and Steel Community (ecsc) and Europe There is an entry on european coal and steel community (ecsc) in the European legal encyclopedia. Resources See Also Energy Utilities Natural Resources Energy Clean Energy Resources See Also Further Reading Entry "European Coal and […]


U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum Introduction What is the effect of U.S. petroleum security on foreign policy? For 45 years, the country has alternated between periods of energy security and insecurity, sometimes able to wield petroleum as a useful instrument of foreign policy, sometimes […]


Hierarchical Display of Peat Energy > Energy policy > Energy industry > Fuel > Fossil fuel
Concept of Peat See the dictionary definition of Peat. Characteristics of Peat [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Peat Spanish: Turba French: Tourbe German: Torf Italian: Torba […]