Status of Berlin

Hierarchical Display of Status of Berlin International Relations > International security > International issue
Geography > Economic geography > Comecon countries > German Democratic Republic
Geography > Economic geography > EU Member State > Germany
International Relations > […]

Netherlands OCT

Hierarchical Display of Netherlands OCT Geography > Overseas countries and territories
Geography > Economic geography > EU Member State > Netherlands
Politics > Executive power and public service > Regional and local authorities > Overseas countries and territories Concept of […]


Cyprus and Europe There is an entry on cyprus in the European legal encyclopedia. Resources See Also Legal System Country Jurisdiction Immigration Consulate Resources See Also Further Reading Entry "Cyprus" in the work "A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union from Aachen […]


Legal Materials: For information about Italian legal resources see Guide to Italian Legal Research and Resources on the Web by Elio Fameli and Fiorenza Socci. For links to additional law-related sites, see the Guide to Law Online: Italy by the Library of Congress. See also the […]


Researching Dutch Law by Oswald Jansen and George Middeldorp provides an overview of the Dutch legal system and Dutch legal materials, with links to useful Web sites. For links to legal and law-related resources, see Guide to Law Online: Netherlands by the Library of Congress. The Legal […]


The Legal History of Literature and Law in Ancient Greece This section provides an overview of Literature and Law in Ancient Greece Greece in 2011 United States views on international law (based on the document "Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law"): On July 17, 2011, the […]


Legal Materials This entry discusses sources for French: Business Information Legal Materials News

Business Information

You can look up French company registration records (for free) and retrieve filings (for a fee) from Infogreff. The Union of French Chambers of […]


For an discussion of Danish legal materials, see Researching Law in Denmark by Rasmus H. Wandall and Steen Rosendahl and/or Suzanne Thorpe's Online Legal Information in Denmark, Norway and Sweden — particularly the tables at the end of the article. For more information about treatises and […]


English translations of key Romanian laws are published in the Central & Eastern European Legal Materials series by Columbia University's Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law. Links to the Romanian Constitution and other legal materials are posted by WashLaw Web. For more […]

United Kingdom

Legal Materials For purposes of this section, the United Kingdom includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The following is a compilation of some information concerning any of these jurisdictions into the topics discussed below. For more information, see the U.K. legal […]


Legal Materials For information on Finnish legal materials, see Finnish Law on the Internet. Constitutional Text: Finland 1919, Amendments 1930,1934,1937,1944, 1947 and 1948 1930 AMENDMENT TO FINLAND'S CONSTITUTION OF 1919, NOVEMBER 18, 1930 Number 337 Act on Amending 7 § of […]

Regions of Denmark

Hierarchical Display of Regions of Denmark Geography > Regions of EU Member States
Geography > Economic geography > EU Member State > Denmark
Geography > Europe > Northern Europe > Faroe Islands
Geography > Political geography > Nordic Council countries > Greenland Concept of Regions […]

Regions of Italy

Hierarchical Display of Regions of Italy Geography > Regions of EU Member States
Geography > Economic geography > EU Member State > Italy
Economics > Regions and regional policy > Economic region > Less-favoured region > Mezzogiorno Concept of Regions of Italy See the dictionary […]


The Irish Law Site provides links to Irish government Web sites and sites posting Irish law, including the Irish Constitution, the full text of Irish Acts passed since 1922 and recent case law ( For an overview of the Irish legal system, primary legal […]


Legal Materials: The blue pages of the Bluebook provide an overview of key primary legal materials. Also check out German Business and Commercial Laws: Guide to Translations into English and Select Auxiliary Sources by Martina Kammer and Anne Scharrenberg and/or Legal Research […]