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Nuclear Smuggling

Joint Action Plans to Combat Nuclear Smuggling in 2011

United States views on international law (based on the document “Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law”): In 2011, the United States continued its Nuclear Smuggling Outreach Initiative (“NSOI”), with negotiations leading to the conclusion of joint action plans to combat nuclear smuggling with Moldova in July, Tajikistan in November, and Slovakia in December. NSOI had previously completed joint action plans with Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Armenia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For more information on these joint action plans and NSOI generally, see (internet link) On December 7, 2011, upon reaching agreement with Slovakia on a joint action plan, Secretary Clinton delivered remarks at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Secretary Clinton's remarks are excerpted below and are available in full at (internet link)


… There is no greater threat to the safety and security of the U.S. world than preventing nuclear or highly radioactive materials coming into the hands of terrorists, and it's a danger that no one country can protect against on its own. And today, Slovakia has made an important commitment to the U.S. collective efforts, and we are very appreciative.

My country has now signed nine such agreements with other countries around the world, but this is the first one we have signed with an EU nation and a NATO ally. So this agreement reflects Slovakia's strategic importance as a gateway to the EU as well as your government's commitment to exercising leadership in advancing nuclear security.

…[T]his agreement takes the form of an action plan. It specifies more than 40 steps the U.S. two governments intend to take to strengthen the U.S. mutual capacity to prevent, detect, and respond more effectively to the threat of nuclear smuggling. The United States has guaranteed the U.S. efforts to work with you to make sure that it's not only the two of us working together but the U.S. neighbors, and particularly Slovakia's neighbors, because in a networked world like the one we live in today, all nations have to be committed to this joint effort.

Arrangement With Lithuania on Cooperation in Countering Nuclear Smuggling in 2013

United States views on international law [1] in relation to Arrangement With Lithuania on Cooperation in Countering Nuclear Smuggling: On April 23, 2013, at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Secretary Kerry and Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius signed the Joint Action Plan between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on combating illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials and related technology. The joint action plan with Lithuania is the 11th such plan concluded by the Department of State. Secretary Kerry's remarks at the signing ceremony are available at (Secretary of State website) The State Department issued a media note on April 23, 2013, available at (Secretary of State website), summarizing the political arrangement by the United States and Lithuania to work together in their efforts to counter nuclear smuggling:

This “Joint Action Plan…” … is also one of the many steps the United States and Lithuania are taking to implement the commitments both nations made at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul.

The newly signed plan includes steps to enhance Lithuania's control of its radioactive materials, foster cooperation among its domestic agencies, expand the country's role as a mentor to regional partners, and review and strengthen the Lithuanian Penal Code to ensure all types of nuclear smuggling cases can be prosecuted. Lithuania also has established a Nuclear Security Center of Excellence, and the United States is supporting Lithuania's efforts to develop a counter nuclear smuggling curriculum for this center and host regional training courses.

Joint Action Plans to Combat Nuclear Smuggling

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