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Annual Financial Reports

Literature Review on Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR)

In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Joy A. Clay offers the following summary about the topic of Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR): Popular reporting has become a means of providing important financial and performance information about a government unit, be it a state, local, or specific-purpose governmental entity. Broader dissemination of financial condition information, accomplishments, and issues to the general public and other interested parties promotes both transparency and accountability. By avoiding jargon and complex accounting language, citizens can understand governance challenges and opportunities better. An informed citizenry can lead to more active participation and engagement in problem-solving and setting priorities. At the same time, government leaders need to balance the benefits and cost of expending resources in this manner.


Notes and References

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  • Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance (2018, Springer International Publishing, Germany)

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