War and Peace legal resources

War and Peace legal resources

Chemical And Biological Warfare

Chemical Weapons Convention (OPCW)
Negotiations, Text, PTS, OPCW

Chemical and Biological Weapons Materials (Harvard/Sussex)
Includes Geneva Protocol, Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, Chemical Weapons Convention, Pugwash Study Group, other materials

Effective Implementation of the CWC (SIPRI)
Signatories; Ratifications; Background Papers; Conference Proceedings; Papers and Fact Sheets; Convention Text; Literature on Implementation; Country Studies on National Implementation; Links

Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project (Stimson Center)
What’s New; Treaties; Terrorism; USA; Russia; Other International News; Publication

GulfLINK (DefenseLINK)
Persian Gulf War Illnesses Page including Investigation Team Information; Investigation Team Reports; Studies and Analyses; PAC Testimony; Declassified War Documents; Additional Information Resources; Related Sites

Specific Conflicts

Contemporary Conflicts (Canadian Forces College)
Extensive Collections of Links on Specific Conflicts including Haiti, Peru-Ecuador, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Chechnya, Cyprus, Middle East, Eritrea-Yemen, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, Kashmir, Burma, Sri Lanka, China-Taiwan East Timor and Many Other Issues

International Boundaries Research Unit, University of Durham (Martin Pratt)
Searchable Database of News Reports from 1991 onwards, Latest News, Publications, Conferences, Seminars, Links. Authoritative Research Centre on International Boundaries

Kurdish Worldwide Resources
Extensive Collection of Links on Wide Range of Topics

NomadNet (Michael Maren)
Includes the Somali Archive; Somalia Intervention; Links to Africa and Somalia; CyberNomad Oasis; Economic Development Archives

Western Sahara Home Page (ARSO)
The Self-Determination Process; Background; Weekly News; Human Rights; Press Review; Women; U.N.Documents; Links: Bibliography

U.S. and Russian Policymaking with Respect to the Use of Force(Azrael and Payin/RAND)
Ossetia-Ingushetia; Chechnya; Tadjikistan; Trans-Dniestria; Georgia-Abkhazia; Lebanon 1982-1984; Africa in the 1990s; Caribbean Basin; Panama and Haiti; Bush Administration; Yugoslavia 1989-1996; Russian and American Policy in Comparative Perspective

German-Czech Declaration on Mutual Relations 1997 (Gonzaga)

Kosovo Crisis (Mario Profaca)
Includes Search News Engines for Latest Crisis News; University of Prishtina; Kosova Crisis Centre (Information and Press Clippings); Serbia Now; Hellenic Resources Network; Kosovo and Metohija; Full Text Articles

Legal Guide to the Kosovo Crisis (Jurist)
Legal News; Emails from Yugoslavia; News Services; Official Statements; Rambouillet Negotiations; UN Documents; Human Rights; War Crimes; Kosovo and Yugoslavia; Governments; NGOs; Academic Commentary; Other Legal Resources

Albanian Home Page
Albania; Kosova; Albanians in FYR of Macedonia and in Montenegro; History; Culture; News; Virtual Tour; Maps;

A Beginner’s Guide to the Balkans (ABC News)
Basics; Timeline; Who’s Who; Can Peace Treaty Last; Wiping People off the Map

Algeria: Report of Eminent Panel, July-August 1998 (U.N.)
Report of the Panel appointed by the Secretary-Genral of the U.N. to gether Information on the Situation in Algeria

The Peace Process in Guatemala
Background; Chronology; Agreements; Verification; Protagonists

The Cambodian Genocide Program (Yale)
Introduction; Databases; Documentation Center of Cambodia; More Findings

Aegean Dispute(Mario’s Cyberspace Station)
Turkish and Greek Materials on the Aegean Sea Dispute, with Links

Bosnia (NATO)
Security Council Resolutions, Dayton Peace Agreement, other materials

Contemporary Conflicts in Africa(Contamine)
Algeria; Middle East; Sudan; Ethiopia; Somalia; Liberia; Rwanda; Zaire; Burundi; Sierra Leone; Angola; Mozambique; Eritrea. Also Conflict and Peace Studies; U.N. and Regional Organizations; Peace Operations; Peacemaking; Peacekeeping; Justice; Human Rights; Humanitarian; Disarmament and Arms Control; News

Collection of Useful Materials on the Taliban Campaign in Afghanistan

Northern Ireland Agreement 1998 (Northern Ireland Office)

Sinn Fein
The Irish Republican Party seeking a United Ireland. Includes An Phoblacht (Republican News) – a Weekly Newspaper with Searchable Archives; Official Documents and Press Releases; Mailing List; Bulletin Board; Links


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
Includes Partnership for Peace, Atlantic Councils

NATO Handbook (NATO)


The Counter-Terrorism Page (Biro)
Articles covering Citizen Militias, The Unabomber, General Terrorism, U.S. State Department Patterns of Global Terrorism, Middle-East Terrorism, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Kashmir. Also contains Most Useful Collection of Links

Counterterrorism (Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. State Department)
Foreign Terrorist Organizations; Patterns of Global Terrorism (Annual Reports to Congress); Remarks, Testimony, Briefings; Significant Incidents of Political Violence; Links

Terrorist Profile Weekly Archive (DiBona)
Extensive Collection of Information on Terrorist Groups


Peace and Conflict Resolution(IANWeb/WWW Virtual Library)
Area Studies; Country Information; International Organizations; News; Other Lists; Periodicals; Primary Sources; Schools and Departments; Statistics; Think Tanks; University Centres

Arms Trade News (Council for a Livable World Education Fund)
Detailed and Current Articles on Conventional Arms Transfers

Program on Peacekeeping Policy (Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University)
U.N. Peacekeeping Documentation, Other Materials, Links

International Peacekeeping News (University of Bradford)

Peacekeeping (University of New Brunswick)
Reference; Government Documents; NATO; OSCE; WEU; Training; Command; Logistics; UN Missions; Related Fields

The War-Torn Societies Project (UNRISD)
A Joint Activitiy of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and the Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies (PSIS) of the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, to encourage Main External and Internal Actors in War-Torn Countries to collectively analyse the Interactions between Peace-Keeping, Relief, Rehabilitation and Development. Includes Recent Activities; Actors; Document Database; Worldwide Discussion Forum; Information on WSP Projects in Eritrea, Guatemala, Mozambique and Somalia; Publications; Voices and Images

Warfare 2010 (U.S.News Online, August 1996/Newman)
Forecast of Methods of War in the Future

Internet Country Guides (INCORE)
Detailed Guides to Internet Resources on Conflict and Ethnicity for Specific Countries and Areas

Treaties on Rules of Warfare and Arms Control (Fletcher)
Includes Hague, Gas Protocol, Genocide, Geneva Conventions and Protocols, Nuclear Test Ban, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Biological Weapons, Environmental Modification, Inhumane Conventional Weapons, Chemical Weapons

Major International Instruments on Disarmament and Related Issues (U.N.Office, Geneva)
Gas Protocol 1925; Geneva Conventions 1949; Cultural Property in Armed Conflict Convention 1954; Antarctic Treaty 1959; Partial Test Ban Treaty 1963; Outer Space Treaty 1967; Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 1968; Bacteriological Weapons Convention 1972; A.B.M. Treaty 1972 and Protocol 1974; Threshold Test Ban Treaty 1974 and Protocol 1990; Environmental Modification Convention 1976 and Comments; Geneva Convention Protocols I and II, 1977; London Guidelines for Nuclear Transfers 1977; Moon Agreement 1979 and Comment; Indiscriminate Conventional Weapons Convention 1980, Protocol IV on Blinding Laser Weapons 1995 and Comment; South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty 1985; Chemical Weapons Convention 1993 and Comment; Warsaw Guidelines for Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Technology 1992; Revision of London Nuclear Transfer Guidelines 1993; Decisions and Resolution of Review Conference of Parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 1995; Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1996

Resources on Information Warfare. Includes Privacy; Espionage; Terrorism; Military; Electronic Civil Defence; Surveys and Studies

International Law on the Bombing of Civilians (Gene Dannen)
A Selection of Excerpts from Relevant Instruments

Nazi Gold (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
News Stories; Documents; Other Internet Resources; Agreements; Laws; Government and Non-Government Organizations; Bibliography

Web Genocide Documentation Centre (Stein)
Include Holocaust; Armenia; Cambodia; Kosovo; Yugoslavia; War Crimes; General Genocide and Mass Killing Links

Montreal Institute of Genocide and Human Rights (Concordia University)
News; Publications; Links

Switzerland and the Holocaust Assets (Bruno Giussani)
Updates; Timeline; Upcoming Conferences and Events; Swiss and International Newspaper and Magazine Articles; Links; Eizenstat Report and Other Documents; Bibliography; Addresses and Phone Numbers

International Security Network
Database on Research Institutes, Subject links include Conflict Studies, Peace Studies. Security Policy, Arms, Environment, Military. Resources also arranged by Regions

Peace and Security Resource Guide (Canadian Forces College)
Extensive Index of Internet Resources on Armed Force, International Relations, Peace, Disarmament, Peacekeeping, Contemporary Conflicts and Military History. Searchable

STRATNET (University of Calgary)
Project of the University’s Strategic Studies Program with extensive categorised Links

Spying and Intelligence Links (Korea Web Weekly)
Links to Spying, Intelligence and related sites

Virtual World Of Spies and Intelligence
Extensive Collection of Links. Includes U.S.Intelligence; Canadian Intelligence; World Intelligence; Drug Enforcement; Terrorism; Military; Counter-Terrorism; Information Warfare; Human Rights

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute(SIPRI)
Activities, details of research and documentation on arms production, military expenditure, military technology, chemical and biological weapons, European security, publications

FAS Military Analysis Network (CRS)
Invaluable Links to Congressional Research Service Military and National Security Papers on Regional Issues; Weapons Systems; General National Security

Centre for Defence and International Security Studies
Topical Issues; Current Research; Missile Threats and Responses; Defence and Security Links

International Committee of the Red Cross
Includes Geneva Conventions and Protocols with list of States Parties, detailed information on specific humanitarian law issues(children and war, land mines, women in war, refugees, environment, water and other matters). Contains Text of Convention on Anti-Personnel Mines, 1997 and Information from the Oslo Conference

International Red Cross Database (Surbeck)
Red Cross Links; Press Releases; ICRC News; ICRC Bulletin; Weekly News; Red Cross/Red Crescent Magazine; ICRC Information by Country with Maps; International Humanitarian Law Data

International Crisis Group
Organization, Staff, Funding of the Group. Reports with Links on South Balkans; Bosnia,Central Africa; Cambodia

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

The United Nations Demining Database
Demining Programme Reports; Country and Area Reports; Casualties and Incidents; Conferences; International Mine Clearance Standards; Magazine; Treaties and Documents; Latest News; Other Landmine Links

Links to the World’s Armed Forces (Kazianis)
USA; China; France; Germany; Japan; Pakistan; Russia; Singapore; Taiwan; UK

International Military Law (Cartledge)
Forum for Discussion of International Military Law; Links

International Society for Military Law and the Law of War
Objects; News; National Groups; Publications; Documentation Centre; Links



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