Trans-Lex is a project of the Center for Transnational Law at the University of Cologne, Germany. Designed for legal practitioners, it focuses on the New Lex Mercatoria : a gradual Codification of transnational Commercial law , in particular contract law and commercial arbitration. The centerpiece of the database is the “list of Lex Mercatoria principles”, which is accessed through a hierarchically-structured table of contents. The user is able to start from an individual principle or rule and link directly to the related reference taken from international arbitration awards, conventions, trade practices, statutes, and academic sources, most of which are in full text. A lengthy bibliography of books and articles appears in a separate window. See

The TransLex-Principles are a unique online Codification – and research platform for transnational law, the New Lex Mercatoria .

They are the successor of the “Transnational Law Digest & Bibliography” (Tldb), which CENTRAL has operated at from October 2001 until March 2009.

The TransLex-Principles are based on the concept of the “Creeping Codification”of Transnational Law: a non-exhaustive, open list of principles and rules of the Lex Mercatoria that is constantly updated but never completed.



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