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TOP 12 US Online Law Journals ranking

On February 2012, the Washington and Lee School of Law released its past year list, which showed the US only-online Law Journal Rankings. The Project ranks legal journals based on the number of times they have been cited over the preceding eight years as a measure of their impact on legal scholarship. The top twelve journals in 2011 are as follows, with the combined puntuation:

1 Yale Journal of Law & Technology [online] 100
2 Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy (2006-)[online] 81.7
3 Stanford Technology Law Review [online] 78
4 Virginia Journal of Law & Technology [online] 72.6
5 Columbia Science and Technology Law Review [online] 70.7
5 Journal of Tort Law (2006-)[online] 70.7
7 Duke Law & Technology Review [online] 68.9
8 Journal of High Technology Law [online] 67.7
9 Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property (2003-) [online] 64
10 Virginia Law Review In Brief (2007-)[online] 57.9
11 The Yale Law Journal Online (2005-)[online] 53.7
12 Richmond Journal of Law and Technology [online] 50.6

The list of the US online Law Journals list continue as following:

13 Harvard Law Review Forum (2005-)[online] 49.4
13 UCLA Entertainment Law Review 49.4
15 UCLA Journal of Law and Technology [online] 44.5
16 Cardozo Law Review De Novo (2009-)[online] 43.9
16 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy (2006-)[online] 43.9
18 Texas Law Review See Also (2007-)[online] 42.1
19 University of Pennsylvania Law Review PENNumbra (2006-)[online] 40.2
20 Michigan Law Review First Impressions (2006-)[online] 39.6
21 Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property [online] 38.4
22 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc (2008-)[online] 36
23 Rutgers Law Record [online] 33.5
24 Columbia Law Review Sidebar (2007- )[online] 30.5
25 Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal [online] 29.9
26 Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law [online] 25.6
26 Review of Law & Economics (2005-) [online] 25.6
28 Boston College Intellectual Property and Technology Forum [online] 25
29 The Antitrust Source [online] 23.8
30 Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (2004-)[online] 23.2
31 Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law [online] 22
31 The Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy [online] 22
33 The Law and Development Review (2008-)[online] 20.1
34 Stanford Journal of Animal law and Policy (2008-)[online] 18.9
34 U.C. Davis Business Law Journal [online] 18.9
36 Gonzaga Journal of International Law [online] 18.3
37 Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law [online] 17.1
37 Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race (2010-)[online] 17.1
39 Issues in Legal Scholarship [online] 16.5
40 Rutgers Business Law Journal (2002-)[online] 15.2
41 The Yale Journal of International Law Online (2009-)[online] 14
42 Syracuse Science & Technology Law Reporter [online] 13.4
43 Oklahoma Journal of Law and Technology (2003-) [online] 12.8
43 Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left (2005-) [online] 12.8
45 Harvard International Law Journal Online (2007-)[online] 12.2
46 Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion [online] 10.4
47 Business Law Today [online] 9.8
48 Northeastern University Law Journal (2009-)[online] 7.9
49 Ecology Law Currents (2008-)[online] 7.3
49 Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy (2005-)[online] 7.3
49 Minnesota Law Review Headnotes (2009-)[online] 7.3
52 Tribal Law Journal [online] 6.7
53 Global Jurist [online] 6.1
54 Connecticut Law Review CONNtemplations (2007)[online] 5.5
55 FDCC Quarterly 4.9
56 The Columbia Journal of European Law Online (2009-)[online] 4.3
56 Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law [online] 4.3
56 Muslim World Journal of Human Rights (2004-)[online] 4.3
59 Pace International Law Review Online Companion (2009-)[online] 3.7
59 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing [online] 3.7
59 Touro International Law Review [online] 3.7
62 Indiana Law Journal Supplement (2008-)[online] 3
63 The Crit: A Critical Studies Journal (2008-)[online] 2.4
63 International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law 2.4
65 International Commentary on Evidence [online] 1.8
65 Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal (2008-)[online] 1.8
67 Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology (2007-)[online] 1.2
67 Western Criminology Review [online] 1.2
69 DePaul Rule of law Journal (2009-)[online] 0.6
69 Journal of Animal & Environmental Law (2009-)[online] 0.6
69 Southern California Law Review Postscript (2007-) 0.6
72 Alaska Justice Forum [online] 0
72 American University Labor & Employment Law Forum (2010-)[online] 0
72 Buffalo Law Review The Docket (2010-)[online] 0
72 Chicago-Kent Journal of Environmental and Energy Law (2011-)[online] 0
72 Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law (2010-)[online] 0
72 Hawaiian Journal of Law and Politics (2004-)[online] 0
72 International Journal of Civil Society Law (2003-) [online] 0
72 The IP Law Book Review (2010-)[online] 0
72 The Journal of Criminal Justice Research 0
72 The Open Law Journal (2008-)[online] 0
72 Public Health Law and Policy Journal (2004-) [online] 0
72 The Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest [online] 0
72 Roman Legal Tradition (2002-)[online] 0
72 Stanford Law Review Online 0
72 University of Massachusetts Roundtable Symposium Law Journal (2006-)[online] 0
Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium (2011-)[online]
Asian Journal of Law and Economics (2010-)[online]
Berkeley Journal of International Law Publicist (2009-)[online]
Columbia Journal of Race and Law (2011-)[online]
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy Sidebar (2006-)[online]
Impunity Watch
Law & Politics Book Review [online]
Legislation and Policy Brief (2008-)[online]
Minnesota Journal of International Law Online (2009-)[online]
Penn State law Review Penn Statim (2010-)[online]
Supra: Online Companion to the Mississippi Law Journal [online]
University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal (2010-)[online]
Washington and Lee Journal of Energy, Climate, and the Environment (2010-)[online]
Washington University Law Review Commentaries (2007-)[online]
Yale Law & Policy Review Inter Alia (2010-)[online]



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