Primary Education

In relation to the primary education and constitutional law, Pablo Meix Cereceda[1] made the following observation: 'Primary education' is one of the expressions most frequently used by constitutions around the world when they refer to school education of children […]

Special Education

Development of Communication Skills Through Auditory Training Software in Special Education, the Law and other Social Sciences There have been issues identified regarding the education of children with hearing disorders. Those do not allow the development of communicative-linguistic competence […]

Higher Education

A Framework for Profiling Prospective Students in Higher Education: Prospect Profiling in Higher Education Marketing, the Law and other Social Sciences Internet became a primary source of valuable information for everyone over a decade. Before purchasing a higher education program, prospects […]


Adult Illiteracy Rate (in the Human Development Area) In this context, Adult Illiteracy Rate means: _alculated as 100 minus the adult literacy rate. Mortality Rate, Adult (in the Human Development Area) In this context, Mortality Rate, Adult means: probability per 1,000 that a 15-year-old […]


The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and the Electronic Commerce The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act in the Online Business Law Concept of Netwar An introductory definition of Netwar is provided here: the primary objective of "netwar" is to use computer […]


Expected Years of Schooling (in the Human Development Area) In this context, Expected Years of Schooling means: number of years of schooling that a child of school entrance age can expect to receive if prevailing patterns of age — specific enrolment rates were to stay the same throughout […]

Agricultural Education

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Simulation in Election Law Exercise carried out prior to an election to test the equipment and the implementation procedures for election day. Also known as mock polling, this can help to train polling staff and demonstrate voting procedures to voters. Resources See Also Vocational Training […]


"Learning is, in truth, a very great and a very considerable quality; and such as despise it sufficiently discover their own want of understanding: but yet I do not prize it at the excessive rate some others do; as Herillus the philosopher for one, who therein places the sovereign good, […]