Special Education

Development of Communication Skills Through Auditory Training Software in Special Education, the Law and other Social Sciences There have been issues identified regarding the education of children with hearing disorders. Those do not allow the development of communicative-linguistic competence […]


Taxation Assessment in 1889 The following information about Taxation is from the Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States by the Best American and European Writers: "The person to whom the assessment is made need not be the […]

Learning Technique

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Preliminary Examination in E.U. Patent System The initial study of an application by an official in the patent office to check that the specification is properly arranged and for preparing search reports. Examination in Chief in Canadian Procedural Law Examination in Chief and related […]


"Learning is, in truth, a very great and a very considerable quality; and such as despise it sufficiently discover their own want of understanding: but yet I do not prize it at the excessive rate some others do; as Herillus the philosopher for one, who therein places the sovereign good, […]

Recognition of Diplomas

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