Matrimonial Law

Hierarchical Display of Matrimonial law Social Questions > Family > Family law
Social Questions > Family > Marital status Matrimonial law Concept of Matrimonial law See the dictionary definition of Matrimonial law. Characteristics of Matrimonial law [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources […]

Market Access

Summary of Market Access The degree of participation in the domestic market that a nation allows to foreign suppliers. Tariffs, quotas, and similar protective devices are devices imposed to limit market access. (Main Author: William J. Miller) Market Access and National Treatment in the […]


Hierarchical Display of Macao Geography > Asia and Oceania > Far East
Concept of Macao See the dictionary definition of Macao. Characteristics of Macao [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Macao Spanish: Macao French: Macao German: Macau Italian: Macao Portuguese: Macau Polish: […]

Market Protection

Hierarchical Display of Market protection Trade > Trade policy > Trade policy > Market intervention
Business And Competition > Competition > Restrictive trade practice > Horizontal agreement
Economics > Economic policy > Economic policy > Protectionism Market protection Concept of Market […]

Marine Pollution

Embracing mainstream international law, this section on marine pollution explores the context, history and effect of the area of the law covered here. Resources See Also Transport Transportation Means Transport Law Transport Contract Resources Further Reading The entry "marine […]

Magnetic Medium

Hierarchical Display of Magnetic medium Education And Communications > Communications > Audiovisual equipment > Recording medium
Education And Communications > Information technology and data processing > Information technology industry > Computer equipment > Peripheral > Disc drive […]

Maritime Area

Hierarchical Display of Maritime area Law > International law > Public international law > Law of the sea
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Fisheries > Fisheries policy
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Fisheries > Fisheries policy > Fishing area
Environment > Natural […]


Joint Marketing Arrangements with Special Groups and the Electronic Commerce Joint Marketing Arrangements with Special Groups in the Online Business Law Literature Review on Ethics and Marketing In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Ali Besharat, Ryan J. […]

Market Abuse

Hierarchical Display of Market abuse Law > Criminal law > Offence > Economic offence
Market abuse Concept of Market abuse See the dictionary definition of Market abuse. Characteristics of Market abuse [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Market abuse Spanish: Abuso de mercado […]


For information on Malaysian legal materials see An Overview of Malaysian Legal System and Research by Shaikh Mohamed Noordin and Lim Pui Keng. Selected resources follow. You might also want to see Researching Islamic Law: Malaysian Sources by Shaikh Mohamed Noordin and/or Introduction to the […]

Marketing Restriction

Hierarchical Display of Marketing restriction Business And Competition > Competition > Restrictive trade practice > Vertical agreement
Trade > Marketing > Marketing
Business And Competition > Competition > Restriction on competition > Refusal to sell
Trade > International trade > […]

Maritime Law

Introduction to Maritime Law Maritime Law, branch of law relating to commerce and navigation on the high seas and on other navigable waters. Specifically, the term refers to the body of customs, legislation, international treaties, and court decisions pertaining to ownership and operation […]


Maintenance in International Trade Meaning of Maintenance, according to the Dictionary of International Trade (Global Negotiator): The work of keeping something in proper condition, care or upkeep including: taking steps to avoid something breaking down (preventative maintenance) and bringing […]

Marine Ecosystem

Hierarchical Display of Marine ecosystem Environment > Natural environment
Marine ecosystem Concept of Marine ecosystem See the dictionary definition of Marine ecosystem. Characteristics of Marine ecosystem [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources Translation of Marine ecosystem Spanish: […]


The Legal History of Mali This section provides an overview of Mali African Growth and Opportunity Act ("AGOA") in 2013 United States views on international law [1] in relation to Agoa: On December 23, 2013, President Obama issued a proclamation, designating Mali as a beneficiary […]

Maritime Safety

Hierarchical Display of Maritime safety Transport > Transport policy > Transport policy > Transport safety
European Union > EU institutions and European civil service > EU office or agency > European Maritime Safety Agency
International Organisations > United Nations > UN specialised […]