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  • Comparative Law

    Comparative law may be defined as the study of the similarities and differences between the laws or legal rules of two or more countries, or between two or more legal systems (i.e. the study of legal systems and laws in different countries). It is not a body of rules and principle. It is a […]

  • List of Legal Education Law Books

    Read about Publications and about Fair Use (in the U.S.) List of books and other materials about Legal Education This is a complete list of librarian-selected research resources (books and others) on Legal Education.selective reading list of books and resources 1000 DAYS TO THE BAR But the Practice of Law Begins Now, Tonsing, Dennis J.…

  • Semantic Indexing and Legal

    Semantic Indexing and Legal Introduction For an overview about semantic indexing, read Semantic Indexing and Law. See also Semantic Web and Law, Semantic Indexing and Law Search, Semantic Indexing and Law news and Semantic Indexing and Law dictionary. Examples Two Word Phrases of Legal similar legal legal aid legal dictionary legal forms seafood restaurants online…

  • Legal Research Information

    Legal Research Information Conclusion Notes See Also References and Further Reading About the Author/s and Reviewer/s Author: legalresources Mentioned in these Entries Legal Research.