Tag: Judicial power

  • Administrative Disputes in Civil Law Jurisdictions

    In relation to the administrative disputes in civil law jurisdictions and constitutional law, Lana Ofak[1] made the following observation: Administrative dispute (contentieux administratif, Verwaltungsstreit) is a legal institution which was created by the legal theory and practice at the […]

  • Parliamentary Sovereignty

    Mizrahi Bank Case (Israel) In relation to the mizrahi bank case (Israel) and constitutional law, Suzie Navot[1] made the following observation: Israel has no single official document known as 'the Constitution', and for nearly half a century, its legal structure was based on the […]

  • Constitutional Courts

    Concept of Constitutional Courts Note: explore also the meaning of this legal term in the American Ecyclopedia of Law. Constitutional Court of Colombia (Corte Constitucional de Colombia) In relation to the constitutional court of colombia (corte constitucional de colombia) and constitutional […]