Civil Code

The Legal History of Indian Uniform Civil Code This section provides an overview of Indian Uniform Civil Code Extrinsic Methods of Interpretation or Reading "Beyond the Civil Code" Reasoning a pari ratione or a simili ratione Reasoning a fortiori ratione: a minori ad majus; a […]

Civil Law

Introduction to Civil Law "Civil Law, term applied to a legal tradition originating in ancient Rome and to the contemporary legal systems based on this tradition. Modern civil law systems, which were originally developed in Western European countries, have spread throughout the world. […]

Common Law

Introduction to Common Law "Common Law, term used to refer to the main body of English unwritten law that evolved from the 12th century onward. The name comes from the idea that English medieval law, as administered by the courts of the realm, reflected the "common"customs of […]

1958 Convention: Interpretation

1958 Convention: Interpretation

    The New York Convention is an international treaty. As such, it is part of public international law. Consequently, the courts called upon to apply the Convention must interpret it in accordance with the […]


Policy makers, judges, citizens all deplore the increasing complexity of law. Codification is traditionally one of the best ways to sustain the dynamic and necessary evolution of laws.

Meaning of "Code”

Lord Scarman once provided this […]