Social Policy

Social Policy (in the Human Development Area) In this context, Social Policy means: legislative, institutional, budgetary support to achieve objectives in the field of human welfare, to protect the interests of socially vulnerable layers of such socially important areas as health, education, […]

Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Aging Law Concept of Health Insurance in the context of Community Health Care and Services for Older Persons, published by the World Health Organization (WHO):Financial protection against the health care costs arising from disease or accidental bodily injury. Such insurance […]

Market Approval

Hierarchical Display of Market approval Trade > Marketing > Marketing
Production, Technology And Research > Technology and technical regulations > Technical regulations > Standardisation > Approval
Social Questions > Health > Health policy > Health care system > Pricing of medicines […]

Pharmaceutical Product

Hierarchical Display of Pharmaceutical product Social Questions > Health > Pharmaceutical industry
Social Questions > Health > Health policy > Health expenditure > Pharmaceutical expenses
Social Questions > Social affairs > Social problem > Prescription drug abuse
Social Questions > […]