International Trade

International Political Economy Trends: International Trade Introduction to International Trade In the 21st century, international trade has grown to 20 percent of the world's total production of goods and services-around $6.5 trillion per year. This volume of trade is almost seven times […]


Introduction to Copyright Copyright, branch of law granting authors the exclusive privilege to reproduce, distribute, perform, or display their creative works. The goal of copyright law is to encourage authors to invest effort in creating new works of art and literature. Copyright is one […]

International Trade Law

Outline Following an introductory overview of the principles and structure of international trade law, this entry concentrates on the substantive obligations in the agreements that form part of the World Trade Organization Agreement, including tariff and customs?related matters, […]


A device, symbol, or word used by a firm to distinguish its products from those of other manufacturers. The object of trademarks is to permit brand identification of products, which may permit a more ready market acceptance of current and new products. Trademarks are protected in the United […]

Intellectual Property Rights

Introduction Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) protection is one of the most important and current legal issues in the international trade arena. As international trade and investment increases around the world, copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets need to be subjects of a […]

International Trade Organization

International Trade Organization (ITO) in relation with International Trade In the context of trade organizations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following definition of International Trade Organization (ITO): (Not to be confused with Multilateral Trade "Organization, Sec. I). An […]

Parallel Imports

Parallel Imports and the GATT Policy Negotiations In relation to the GATT Policy Negotiations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following explanation and/or definition of Parallel Imports: Goods, which are authorized by the owner of intellectual properly rights for sale in one country, but […]

International Trade Logistics

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International Trade Commission

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