Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency in International Trade Meaning of Foreign Currency, according to the Dictionary of International Trade (Global Negotiator): The currency of any foreign country which is authorized medium of circulation and the basis for record keeping in that country. Foreign currency is […]

Foreign-exchange Reserves

Hierarchical Display of Foreign-exchange reserves Finance > Monetary relations > International finance
Industry > Iron, steel and other metal industries > Metals > Precious metal > Gold
Finance > Monetary economics > Exchange policy > Foreign exchange market > Foreign currency […]


Hierarchical Display of Rediscounting Finance > Financial institutions and credit > Credit policy
Finance > Monetary economics > Exchange policy > Foreign exchange market > Open market Concept of Rediscounting See the dictionary definition of Rediscounting. Characteristics of Rediscounting […]

International Currency

Trends in International Political Economy: International Currency

Introduction to International Currency

Explosive growth in the exchange of foreign currencies in international markets has also transformed the global political economy (see foreign exchange). Advanced telecommunicatio…