Tax Law

Other Popular Tax Definitions in the World Legal Encyclopedia Adjusted Gross Income (sometimes, including Tax Law) Ad Valorem Tax (sometimes, including Tax Law) Alternative Minimum Tax (sometimes, including Tax Law) Big Four (audit firms) (sometimes, including Tax Law) Black Market […]

Tax exemption

Tax exemption Tax Incidence According to the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (Third Edition, Domonic A. Bearfield Melvin J. Dubnick, CRC Press 2015), "Who really pays the taxes? Many people worry about having to pay more than their “fair share” of taxes. It […]

International Law

International Law consists of the rules and principles of general application dealing with the conduct of States and of international organizations in their international relations with one another and with private individuals, minority groups and transnational companies. Legal Issues […]

Industrial Free Zone

Hierarchical Display of Industrial free zone Industry > Industrial structures and policy > Industrial policy > Location of industry
Trade > Tariff policy > Customs regulations > Free zone
Economics > Economic conditions > Economic development > Growth point
Employment And Working […]

Approximation of Laws

Hierarchical Display of Approximation of laws European Union > European Union law > EU law
Finance > Taxation > Fiscal policy > Tax harmonisation
European Union > European Union law > EU act > Directive (EU)
Trade > Tariff policy > Tariff policy > Customs harmonisation
Law > […]

Fiscal Policy

Other Popular Tax Definitions in the World Legal Encyclopedia Adjusted Gross Income (sometimes, including Fiscal Policy) Ad Valorem Tax (sometimes, including Fiscal Policy) Alternative Minimum Tax (sometimes, including Fiscal Policy) Big Four (audit firms) (sometimes, including Fiscal Policy) […]

Tax Debt Write-off

Hierarchical Display of Tax debt write-off Finance > Taxation > Fiscal policy
Tax debt write-off Concept of Tax debt write-off See the dictionary definition of Tax debt write-off. Characteristics of Tax debt write-off [rtbs name=”xxx-xxx”] Resources Translation of Tax debt write-off […]

State Monopoly

Hierarchical Display of State monopoly Business And Competition > Competition > Restriction on competition > Monopoly
Education And Communications > Communications > Communications policy > Control of communications > Monopoly of information
Finance > Taxation > Fiscal policy > Fiscal […]

Economic Discrimination

Economic Discrimination Definition Economic Discrimination, refusal to do business on equal terms with members of a disfavored group. Information For information on: * legality of economic discrimination, see Discrimination * motives for economic discrimination, see Prejudice; […]

Double Taxation

Summary of Double Taxation

The condition that arises when a multinational firm is taxed on overseas income in both the source country and the country of the corporation's domicile. This problem arises because nations use varying systems of taxation. Recognizing that double taxation is […]

International Convention

Convention and the Treaties of the European Union Description of Convention provided by the European Union Commission: The term "convention" again can have both a generic and a specific meaning. (a) Convention as a generic term: Art.38 (1) (a) of the Statute of the International […]

Tax Inspection

Hierarchical Display of Tax inspection Finance > Taxation > Fiscal policy
Tax inspection Concept of Tax inspection See the dictionary definition of Tax inspection. Characteristics of Tax inspection [rtbs name=”xxx-xxx”] Resources Translation of Tax inspection Spanish: Control fiscal […]

International Tax Law

Hierarchical Display of International tax law Finance > Taxation > Fiscal policy > Tax law
Law > International law > International law International tax law Concept of International tax law See the dictionary definition of International tax law. Characteristics of International tax law […]

European Tax Cooperation

Hierarchical Display of European tax cooperation Finance > Taxation > Fiscal policy
European tax cooperation Concept of European tax cooperation See the dictionary definition of European tax cooperation. Characteristics of European tax cooperation [rtbs name=”xxx-xxx”] Resources […]

Industrial Policy

Industrial Policy and International Trade Economy In relation to international trade economy, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following definition of Industrial Policy: A program of selective government interventions designed to change the sectoral composition of a country's economy […]