Environmental Protection

Communities of all sizes, from townships to the national government, establish laws that govern how individuals acting within the community are to conduct themselves. The environment is arguably one of the newest considerations to be decided by and incorporated into the body of the law. The […]

Information Technology

Literature Review on Information Technology: State Government Use and Management In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Paul M. Chalekian offers the following summary about the topic of Information Technology: State Government Use and Management: The effective […]


Legal Materials Arranged by subject. Articles: To find articles on Internet hardware or software, search the LexisCommunications file (CMPCOM;COMM). C/Net rates Internet hardware, software and related products and services. See also the News section, below. Browsers: […]


Summary of Monopoly The condition in which a given product or service can be obtained only from a single supplier that is free to use its market position to exact excessive prices for the product or service it controls. The Sherman Act of 1890 makes monopolies and attempts to monopolize […]

Joint Venture

Summary of Joint Venture

A business enterprise with more than one equity participant; for example, an agreement between a German firm and a U.S. firm to capitalize jointly a new factory in Venezuela. Many countries impose restrictions on joint ventures; these restrictions may take the form […]


Government Definition Government may be defined as a political organization comprising the individuals and institutions authorized to formulate public policies and conduct affairs of state. Governments are empowered to establish and regulate the interrelationships of the people within their […]


Introduction to Ownership Ownership, interest in property vested for one's own benefit. The legal right to possession." (1) Resources See Also Enterprise Joint Enterprise Joint Venture Resources See Also Equitable ownership Exclusive ownership Hold Incident of ownership Interest […]

Economies of Scale

Economies of Scale and International Trade Economy In relation to international trade economy, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following definition of Economies of Scale: (Also known as increasing returns to scale.) Cost savings that occur in production processes where higher output […]

Foreign Enterprise

Related Fields Related topics include: Enterprise Find this subject in this World legal encyclopedia. Joint Enterprise Find this subject in this World legal encyclopedia. Joint Venture Find this subject in this World legal encyclopedia. Multinational Find this subject in this World legal […]

Corporate Governance

Contents of Corporate Governance Contents of this subject matter include: The legal structure of corporate governance: a comparative review The evolution of corporate governance, its central concerns and the resulting current mixture of law, quasi-prescriptive practice and social norms […]


Expropriation Definition Expropriation is the forced assumption of ownership of private property by a government, often without fair compensation. Nationalization is expropriation by a national government. Meanings For information on: * history of expropriation, see Nationalization * […]

Multinational Enterprise

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Subsidiary or Subordinate Election Management Body in Election Law An Election Management Body (EMB) that is not the primary or principal entity responsible for the organisation of elections within a given state. It may be regional or local. Subsidiary in International Trade Meaning of […]

Risk Management

Summary of Risk Management

The application of management techniques to identify, quantify, and respond to threats of loss or damage to a firm's assets. Such threats may arise from random events such as fire, explosion, theft, and acts of nature, or from the conscious efforts of external […]


Current Scenario of Youth Entrepreneurship in India, the Law and other Social Sciences Entrepreneurship is gaining added attention in the present economic predicament. Entrepreneurship is not only a key facet of economic dynamism but also an imperative for economic growth, productivity, […]


Management Management, Disability From the book The Clergyman's Hand-book of Law, about Management, Disability (1): An unincorporated society is managed by those who are competent to transact their own business. Therefore, it would seem that members must be men over twenty-one years of […]

Business Policy

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Economic Concentration

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