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Satellite Argument in 2011 United States views on international law (based on the document "Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law"): Accordingly, the satellite is not presently being "used for a commercial activity in the United States" because it is being tested and […]

Remote Sensing

Embracing mainstream international law, this section on remote sensing explores the context, history and effect of the area of the law covered here. Resources Further Reading The entry "remote sensing" in the Parry and Grant Encyclopaedic Dictionary of International Law (currently, […]

Land Use

Introduction Land Use This entry provides an overview of the legal framework of land use , with a description of the most significant features of land use at international level. Related Work and Conclusions Resources See Also References (Papers) The Democratic Street, Sudarshan Tiwari, May […]

Research Method

Resources See Also Further Reading Information related to research method in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law(MPEPIL), Germany, United Kingdom