Summary of Antedate

The act of dating a bill of exchange or other instrument with a date earlier than the date of execution. For example, a draft dated December 1, but actually drawn on December 5, would be antedated. Antedating has no effect upon the negotiability of an instrument.

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Summary of Protest A notice in writing, prepared before a notary public or other official authorized to administer oaths, stipulating that a draft, check, bill of exchange, or other instrument has been dishonored, either by a refusal to accept on the part of the drawee, or by failure to pay […]


The dating provided in a draft or bill of exchange. A draft may provide for a tenor of, for example, sixty days' sight, which means the sum is payable sixty days from presentation. A tenor of sixty days date, on the other hand, means the instrument matures sixty days from the date of execution, …

Direct Collection

A draft, bill of exchange, or similar instrument presented by a bank, acting as agent of the maker or holder, to the drawee for acceptance or payment. The most common form of such collection involves the presentation of a draft to a drawee, with or without accompanying documents such as bills of lad…