Human Relations

Literature Review on Management Theory: Human Relations School In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Gerald T. Gabris offers the following summary about the topic of Management Theory: Human Relations School: In human relations management, it is assumed that […]


Introduction to Delinquency Delinquency, criminal or antisocial behavior of juveniles. Juvenile delinquents are usually considered to be in need of treatment, rehabilitation, or discipline. The term delinquency also applies to payments that are overdue." (1) Related Fields Related […]


Introduction to Criminology According to Encarta, "Criminology, the scientific study of criminals and criminal behavior. Criminologists attempt to build theories that explain why crimes occur and test those theories by observing behavior. Criminological theories help shape society's […]

Sex Education

Hierarchical Display of Sex education Education And Communications > Teaching > General education
Science > Humanities > Behavioural sciences > Psychology > Sexuality
Social Questions > Health > Health policy > Organisation of health care > Public health > Reproductive health Sex […]


Dispute Resolution and Psychology Contents of Dispute Resolution and Psychology Contents of this subject matter include: Frameworks: psychology, conflict and dispute resolution Influence of behavior, cognition and emotion on dispute resolution Mental models, attribution bias, group identity […]

Personal Development

Hierarchical Display of Personal development Social Questions > Social affairs > Social life
Employment And Working Conditions > Employment > Vocational training
Science > Humanities > Behavioural sciences > Psychology > Personality
Social Questions > Social affairs > […]


Introduction This entry provides an overview of the legal framework of sexuality, with a description of the most significant features of sexuality at international level. Related Work and Conclusions Resources See Also References (Papers) Oliari And The European Court Of Human Rights: Where […]


Resources See Also Student Student Rights Higher Education Law School Teacher Resources See Also Personnel Law Enforcement Officer Military Personnel Law Practice Management Job Labor Law Labor Right Employment Contract


Violence Definition Violence may be defined as a physical attack of another person. Activities that may legally involve violence include hunting, law enforcement, sports, and war. Crime includes many illegal forms of violence. The first point that has to be clarified is the meaning of the […]

Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health (in the Human Development Area) In this context, Reproductive Health means: WHO's definition of health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, reproductive health addresses the reproductive […]

Criminal Law

Introduction to Criminal Law Criminal Law, branch of law that defines crimes, establishes punishments, and regulates the investigation and prosecution of people accused of committing crimes. Criminal law includes both substantive law, which is addressed in this article, and criminal […]

Psychometric Test

Hierarchical Display of Psychometric test Science > Humanities > Behavioural sciences > Psychology
Employment And Working Conditions > Personnel management and staff remuneration > Personnel administration > Recruitment Psychometric test Concept of Psychometric test See the dictionary […]


Introduction to Crime Crime, commission of an act or act of omission that violates the law and is punishable by the state. Crimes are considered injurious to society or the community, as distinguished from torts (see Tort) and breach of contract. As defined by law, a crime includes both the […]

Sexual Discrimination

Hierarchical Display of Sexual discrimination Law > Rights and freedoms > Anti-discriminatory measure
Science > Humanities > Behavioural sciences > Psychology > Sexuality
Social Questions > Social affairs > Social policy > Position of women
Social Questions > Family > Family law > […]